CNGA LooseLeaf August/September 2018

3 colorad o LooseLeaf  August/September 2018 MESSAGE FROMTHE BOARD By Dan Wise, CCNP CNGA Board President As the seasons shift from the busy spring and early summer to short- er days and cooler temperatures, I hope you all get a few chances to get outside the four walls of your business to go see some other nurseries and greenhouses, and visit with your peers. While you’re planning your outings, don’t forget to include some of the great networking and educational offerings from CNGA that will bring value to you and your business. Member BBQs are now in full swing—be sure to get to one close to you. These are such an excellent time to catch up with old friends, and make new ones. They are also a great time to get a behind-the-scene look at fellow CNGA members’ facilities and pick up some new ideas. Coming up in September is the CHREF Golf Tournament—and don’t worry if this is your only day on the links all year... this is a relaxed and fun day out, and prizes are given to the teams with the highest and lowest scores! It’s a great way to support our research and education foundation, and enjoy a day out on one of Colorado’s finest golf courses—The Pinery in Parker, Colo. For those who are preparing to take the CCNP (Colorado Certified Nursery Professional) test at the end of August, some of the certifica- tion seminars hosted at some great venues in Colorado Springs still have available spots. These are an excellent chance to fine tune your knowledge, and validate your professionalism and that of our industry. In October, the Women in Horticulture Luncheon will once again be held at the Lakewood Country Club, and feature speaker Wendy Booth. This great fellowship event is an annual tradition for CNGA, and gives us a chance to recognize the women members that make our organization great. We are also hosting a Fall Workshop focusing on winter preparations, on October 25 at the Wheat Ridge Recre- ation Center. At the beginning of November, be sure to attend the Owners & Managers Leadership Retreat. This two-day event will be at the luxuri- ous Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs this year. If you’ve never attend- ed an O&M Retreat before, you should absolutely come. Dr. Marco Palma from Texas A&M University will give us a market analysis and share information about neuro-economics, the connection between the neurobiological roots of human behavior and purchasing deci- sions. The schedule includes a roundtable session where attendees have spirited small-group discussions about current issues and challenges, a lively happy hour and dinner, as well as guest speakers. Sometimes it’s a big challenge to get away from the daily grind of your nursery or greenhouse—but getting out there and meet- ing people and seeing other operations is worth it. As a member of CNGA, you have access to loads of great networking and educational events. Make sure to get to as many as you can! Get Out to be Educated, Entertained & Inspired “Sometimes it’s a big challenge to get away from the daily grind of your nursery or greenhouse— but getting out there and meeting people and seeing other operations is worth it.”