CHLA California Lodging News January/February 2022

CHLA TEAM The California Hotel & Lodging Association is a non-profit membership organization that is directed through the dedication and commitment of its volunteer leadership and a very capable team. Together, this leadership guides the association’s mission to the benefit of both the members and the entire industry. Lynn S. Mohrfeld, CAE, IOM President & CEO 916.554.2664 Jennifer S. Flohr, CAE, CMP Senior Vice President 916.554.2667 Michelle Donohue, CAE, IOM Finance & Operations Director 916.554.2663 Sandra Oberle, CAE Membership Director 916.554.2662 A.J. Rossitto Advocacy Manager 916.554.2677 Jenn Iliff, CMP Technology Director 916.554.2673 Erika Costa Event & Sales Manager 914.554.2665 Susan Ragatz Association Technology Manager 916.554.2678 Monica Slingerman Member Services Coordinator 916.554.2668 Jim Abrams Member Legal Advisor 916.425.8476 PARTNERS BRONZE PARTNERS PLATINUM PARTNERS DIAMOND PARTNER GOLD PARTNERS SILVER PARTNERS January/February 2022 25