CHLA California Lodging News July/August 2022 July/August 2022 25 CHLA TEAM The California Hotel & Lodging Association is a non-profit membership organization that is directed through the dedication and commitment of its volunteer leadership and a very capable team. Together, this leadership guides the association’s mission to the benefit of both the members and the entire industry. Lynn S. Mohrfeld, CAE, IOM President & CEO 916.554.2664 Jennifer S. Flohr, CAE, CMP Senior Vice President 916.554.2667 Michelle Donohue, CAE, IOM Finance & Operations Director 916.554.2663 Sandra Oberle, CAE Membership Director 916.554.2662 A.J. Rossitto Advocacy Manager 916.554.2677 Jenn Iliff, CMP Technology Director 916.554.2673 Erika Costa Event & Sales Manager 914.554.2665 Erin Paxton Meeting & Events Manager 916.554.2661 Monica Slingerman Member Services Coordinator 916.554.2668 Jim Abrams Member Legal Advisor 916.425.8476 Anjana Patel Administrative Assistant/ Associate Technical Coordinator 916.299.9961 PARTNERS BRONZE PARTNERS PLATINUM PARTNERS DIAMOND PARTNER GOLD PARTNERS SILVER PARTNERS