CHLA California Lodging News March/April 2022

10 CALIFORNIA LODGING NEWS 1 Oysters Upon Arrival Nestled along the water’s edge in a sheltered cove of Tomales Bay, Nick’s Cove is a collection of elegantly restored 1930s cottages imbued with nostalgic charm. The legendary property also features a restaurant and oyster bar serving fresh local seafood plucked straight from the bay. After you’ve checked into one of the cottages, a server will deliver a tray of fresh oysters right to your door. Pair the oysters with a mixed cocktail from the well-stocked honor bar and you’ve got the perfect start to a vacation on the bay. Cannabis Pre-Roll While most B&Bs in Sonoma County will pour you a glass of wine, Mine + Farm Inn will also offer a “share” of a cannabis pre-roll. Organically grown onsite (in compliance with California law), the inn shares different strains of pre-rolled cannabis to guests during breakfast service. Treating it as an amenity akin to wine, owners Bryce Skolfield and Suzanne Szostak seek to elevate guests’ perceptions about cannabis. Driven by social justice, they also hope to educate guests on the history, cultivation, and politics of cannabis. 2 High Tech Toilets Once you’ve experienced the luxury of heated toilet seats and remote-controlled bidets, you’ll never want to go back to using a standard-variety flush toilet. Both R INN NAPA and The Francis House in Napa Valley feature high-tech toilets in each of their guest rooms. When you stumble to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you’ll be welcomed with the soft blue glow of the toilet’s nightlight, a motion activated seat that raises the lid as you approach, a warm seat, countless bidet and air dryer settings, and no-touch flush features. 3