CHLA California Lodging News May/June 2022 May/June 2022 15 alternatives (“alt text”) on images, no captions on videos, inaccessible online forms, mouse-only navigation, use of color alone to give information, and much more. What About Accessibility Toolbars (aka Overlays)? Toolbars use AI (Artificial Intelligence), which can only address 30% of accessibility issues. Many companies install these toolbars and then think their websites are accessible… until they get sued. More than 250 lawsuits were filed in 2020 against companies using toolbars or overlays as an accessibility solution for their websites according to a report from Usable. Not only can toolbars not do the job of a real person, but some of these toolbars actually make it worse for people with disabilities. In order to be confident that you’ve made your website accessible, it needs to be done by a certified accessibility expert. Deliver an Excellent Guest Experience Making your website accessible in order to comply with official guidelines is only part of the benefit of accessibility. Web accessibility allows hotels to shore up their bottom line and deliver an excellent guest experience from start to finish.  Denise Páne is the CEO & Founder of Access Design Studio, the leading expert in accessible websites for the hospitality industry, WCAG 2.1 AA Certified and Online ADA Accredited. Visit to request a free video review of your website’s accessibility issues.