2021 GDA Member Benefits Guide


We are GDA strong! Becoming a member of the Georgia Dental Association (GDA) provides you with a wealth of resources to help you succeed in the dental profession. When you join organized dentistry, you become a member of three remarkable organizations – the American Dental Association (ADA), the GDA, and your local district dental society. Founded in 1859, the GDA is a professional membership association comprised of more than 3,600 members. Georgia has seven district dental societies that represent the interests and activities of dentists in those areas. Each district elects its officers and conducts local meetings, providing you with support and a network of colleagues in your community. The GDA, along with the ADA and your local districts, are a powerful voice on behalf of the profession. Our legislative advocacy protects your profession, practice, and patients; and our public relations efforts increase awareness and positive perceptions of dentistry. We work on your behalf to ensure you are up-to- date on the latest technology and professional developments in addition to providing resources to help further your career and save you money. This guide is just a brief overview of the many benefits GDA has to offer you.


3 Legislation and regulations affect you, your practice, and y our patients every day. GDA's Government Affairs team is always advocating on y our behalf to ensure your voice is heard at the State Capitol. Visit gadental.org/advocacy to learn how you can get involved to protect the profession and get the latest legislative updates fromour Government Affairs team. LAW Days are hosted each year during the legislative session. Members and dental students come to the state capitol to learn about legislative issues impacting dentistry and dent al patients and then speak to legislators about those issues, encouraging their support and thanking them for their efforts on legislation. LAWDays typically begin in January each year; all members and their spouses are welcomed. The Legislative Insider is a w eekly report dedicated to legislative activities, bill progress, and legislators' position on GDA initiatives. During the legislative session, t he Insider is distributed via email or you can find the report on ou r website at gadental.org/advocacy. SUPPORT DENTAL-FRIENDLY CANDIDATES FOR STATE OFFICE The Georgia Dental Association Political Action Committee (GDAPAC) is a non-profit, non- partisan organization. GDA member dentists are invited to voluntarilycontribute funds to GDAPAC, which help support candidates running for state of fices. GDAPAC makes political contributions to candidates, regardless of party affiliation. GDA members can make donations to GDAPAC via their dues statements, via personal check, or online at the GDA website: https://www.gadental.org/advocacy/gdapac. For more information, please contact the GDA’s VP of Government Affairs, Scott Lofranco – em ail: scott@gadental.org; phone: (404) 636-7553 x 103. PROTECTING THE PROFESSION

Georgia's Action for Dental Health, an init iative of the Georgia Dental Association, is a c oordinated ef fort to enhance the oral health and overall health of all Georgians. The goal is t o advance comprehensive solutions to prevent dental disease before it starts and ensu re that all Georgians can obtain treatment by a dent ist. 4 GEORGIA'S ACTION FOR DENTAL HEALTH Objectives: 1. Promote quality, attainable dental care for the uninsured and underserved in Georgia so that all patients have a dent al home. 2. Promote oral health education and literacy to mitigate potential barriers to a dent al home and reduce the public’s misconceptions and f ears of seeing a dent ist. 3. Optimize the capacity of the currentdental workforce and availability of publicly funded dental facilities to ef ficiently serve Georgians with preventative and therapeutic dental care. 4. Continue to advocate and edu cate policymakers, stakeholders, and the general public on t he risks associated with unlicensed/unregulated treatment delivery methods and p rotect patient safety by only promoting/supporting initiatives that are sustainable, ethical, adhere to the standard of care for dental patients in Georgia, and always involve seeking treatment from a p roperly trained, Georgia-licensed dentist. 5. Ensure that patient safety remains a priority and that a Georgia-licensed dentist continues to be t he head of the dental team and retains authority over all aspects of the practice of dentistry, especially regarding clinical and treatment decisions. View the full Action for Dental Health Plan at gadental.or/actionplan.

Practicing dentistry in Georgia can be a rew arding and challenging experience with numerous professional, legal, and bu siness matters to consider. Whether you are a p ractice owner, associate, faculty, or work in public health/government, GDA strives to help our members succeed by providing a plethora of resources that can assist you. PEER REVIEWMEDIATION When a p roblemor misunderstanding arises between a dent ist and a p atient, your GDA can help. Subject to certain limitations, peer review mediation is intended to provide a streamlined and confidential process for resolving disputes between you and your patient and is only available to GDA members. ADA CREDENTIALING SERVICE The ADA credentialing service makes it easier to submit and maintain your credentials in one c entral place. Your information will be accessible to you, and the participating organizations you choose. 5 REQUIRED EMPLOYEE POSTERS There are many federal and state laws that require dental offices to conspicuously post up to a dozen not ices in locations accessible to employees. You can find a comprehensive list of links to government websites for downloadable free posters at gadental.org/workplace-posters. PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES

CONTRACT ANALYSIS SERVICE The ADA's Contract Analysis Service analyzes third-party insurance contracts, including contracts from managed-care companies, and explains the contract's provisions in clear language so you can make informed decisions about the implications of participation. This service is available at no cost to members only. COMPLIANCE WITH HIPAA AND OSHA REGULATIONS Stay up-to-date on OSHA and HIPAA regulations with complete HIPAA and OSHA compliance kits available from the ADA. Also, the GDA offers HIPAA and OSHA continuing education courses several times a year as well as regular updates through our Action Magazine and our endorsed partnership program. CENTER FOR PROFESSIONAL SUCCESS GDA members also have access to numerous professional resources through the ADA Center for Professional Success. Visit success.ada.org for a full list of benefits. DENTAL RECOVERY NETWORK It is no secret that balancing your work and personal life can be challenging. Throw in dealing with finances, family, environmental factors, and other personal/professional pursuits; it can trigger anxiety and other mental and physical health problems. Don't face it alone. The Dental Recovery Network helps dental professionals address stress-related health issues and substance and alcohol use and abuse to get you back to living a healthy and balanced life. The program is confidential, so you can have peace of mind in getting the assistance you need. 6

Clinical CE at our office in Atlanta and throughout the state with support from our local districts An opioid program that delivers this Georgia Board of Dentistry required CE course all over Georgia and via an on-demand webinar Practice management courses designed to improve owner dentists' bottom line A CE program that covers Georgia's laws, regulations, professionalism, and ethics Risk management and standards of care classes Expanded Duties certification courses for dental assistants CPR certification HIPAA, OSHA and infection control compliance Radiation safety courses Coronal polishing certification for dental assistants FOR DENTISTS, GDA OFFERS: FOR THE DENTAL TEAM, GDA OFFERS: All of GDA's courses are approved by ADA CERP and the Georgia Board of Dentistry. Make GDA your first choice for exceptional dental education and training for you and your staff. Visit gadental.org/education for more information and to view a complete list of CE courses. 7 Success starts with an exceptional continuing education program. The Georgia Dental Association is a recognized CE provider by ADA CERP - a service of the American Dental Association that assists dental professionals in identifying quality providers of continuing dental education. From webinars and online learning, to in-person CE courses, we strive to create exceptional educational opportunities that help you and your team in a variety of accessible formats. CONTINUING EDUCATION

There's something for everyone at the family-friendlyGDA Convention & Expo held eac h July at a beautiful beach location. Dentists, staff, dental students and industry leaders come together to network, earn CE, enjoy nationally renowned speakers and energy-charged events. GDA members receive discounted registration. Make it a f amily or of fice event and bring along your spouse, children and office staff at affordable rates. Invest in yourself and your team! Continuing Education: Programming for both dentists and dent al team members provides an opportunity for professional development while earning CE credits. The GDA Convention of fers more than 40 hou rs in CE including all areas required for licensure. Kickoff Session: Start your convention experience with an insp iring and high-energy kickoff breakfast featuring nationally known speakers and entertainers along with updates fromGDA leadership. Exhibit Hall: Discover new ideas and p roducts that you can take back to the of fice. Network and discuss your priorities with your dental practice providers in the exhibit hall. Networking Events: Network with your peers, share opinions, get advice, and develop some of the best friendships you'll ever make. Saturday Night Celebration: Our family-friendly closing event of fers something for everyone with activities for adults and c hildren, refreshments, and ent ertainment - a memorable way to end t he week. 8 For more information, please visit gadental.org/convention. GDA CONVENTION & EXPO

9 Enhance the image of dentistry statewide Increase awareness of the connection between oral and p hysical health among consumers in Georgia Position GDA and member dentists as the state’s experts and leaders on oral health issues Support GDA legislative agenda Drive consumers to GDA member dental offices Through our public relations program, GDA elevates the perception of dentistry and educates the public about the importance of regular dental care and seeing a dent ist. GDA regularlydistributes news releases about member accomplishments and issues related to oral health, monitors social media and news sites, and issues statements correcting misinformation in the news. In addit ion, GDA proactively educates media, the public and legislators on the importance of oral health and regular dental care through public relations campaigns. GDA's Healthy Mouth, Healthy Me! PR campaign communicates the simple message that a healthy mouth is important to overall health. It includes digital ads featuring GDA member dentists and their patients and materials for GDA members to help spread the word. The goals of the campaign are as follows: PROMOTING THE PROFESSION For more information, visit HealthyMouthHealthyMe.org.

Children’s Dental Health Month: CDHM is a mont h-long national health observance that brings dedicated professionals, healthcare providers, and educators together to promote the benef its of good oral healt h to children, caregivers, teachers and many others. Educational activities are held ac ross Georgia with Pre-K and school-aged c hildren throughout the month of February. Give Kids a Smile Day: GKAS is held annually on the f irst Friday in February and serves as the kick-of f to Children's Dental Health Month. Volunteers provide free dental health education, screenings, preventive care, and/or t reatment for underserved children across Georgia. Special Olympics, Special Smiles: The GDA Foundation for Oral Health partners with Special Olympics Georgia to provide care t o spec ial needs patients across Georgia. Special Smiles offers dental screenings, health education and prevention services and refers athletes of all ages to p otential sources of treatment and follow- up care. Donated Dental Services: The Donated Dental Service program is a u nique program provided year-round that targets vastly underserved and vu lnerable populations - individuals with permanent disabilities, the elderly or those who qualify as medically fragile. Comprehensive dental treatment is performed by volunteer dentists in their own of fices utilizing their own equipment and staff. Community Outreach/Health Fairs: Throughout the year, the F oundation attends community outreach events and receives requests fromhealth fairs, school and other comm unity events looking f or dentists to provide screenings and/or health education. For more information, visit gadental.org/foundation. The GDA Foundation for Oral Health and its programs work to advance Georgia’s oral health by providing immediate and ongoing ac cess to dental care; educating the public, patients and the dental community to raise awareness of the barriers to available dental treatment for underserved populations; and by challenging patients, policymakers, and dental professionals to work together to improve the oral health of all Georgians. Our dentists donate their time, expertise and personal resources to change lives and make a lasting impact on t he individual lives of their patients and the Georgia community. Looking to get involved? Volunteer for the following community outreach events and c ampaigns: 10 GDA FOUNDATION FOR ORAL HEALTH

Practice and equ ipment f inancing HIPAA compliant communications Patient f inancing Debt recovery Insurance claims management Payroll services Cyber security solutions Patient membership plans and so much more. GDA Plus Partners offers solutions for your business needs. Our partners offer our members discounts and specials on the following business services: For a complete list of our partners, visit gdaplus.com/partners. 11 As a GDA member, you own GDA Plus Supplies and Georgia Dental Insurance Services. GDA Plus Programs can save you thousands of dollars on insurance, dental supplies, and other products and services. In addit ion to providing comprehensive insurance policies and attentive customer service, we are a one- stop marketplace for products you buy and use every day. So use it, do bu siness with yourself, and save m oney. GDA has researched and vet ted business solutions, bringing exc lusive deals and discounts fromGDA Plus Partners. Members who participate in these services will save time, money, and hassle – p utting the focus back on patient care. For a complete list of partners, visit gdaplus.com/partners. You own it, use it! GDA PLUS PARTNERS GDA PLUS PROGRAMS + + + + + +

From the early stages of your career through your retirement years, Georgia's dental community trusts Georgia Dental Insurance Services (GDIS) to help protect personal and professional assets with affordable business, personal and medical insurance products. We offer the following lines of insurance: Your GDIS team has over 75 years of combined professional and personal lines insurance experience and can help you determine the coverage that will protect you and your family from unforeseen events. We can custom tailor a coverage plan that fits your present and future needs. For more information, please visit gdaplus.com or call 770-395-0224. 12 Malpractice Business Owner's Workers' Compensation ERISA Bonds Business Overhead Expense Cyber Liability Fiduciary Bonds Business Health Disability Medicare Supplement Health Auto Home Boat Motorcycle Investment Properties Renters Insurance Personal Jewelry Pet Life Final Expense Long-Term Care Builders Risk Golf Cart RV Our Partners GDA PLUS GDIS +

We sell more products from direct manufacturers, which gives members more options and better prices GDA has a dedicated team here to serve you. For more information, give us a call today at 404-636-7553 To get a price quote and place an order, fax over the last three months of invoices to 844-852-4049 GDA Plus Supplies is a marketplace where members can purchase over 65,000 products from more than 550 dental brands. By leveraging the combined buying power of over 3,500 GDA member dentists, GDA Plus Supplies vendors offer products at significant discounts. 13 Free ground shipping Order your supplies before you need them and enjoy free ground shipping an average of 15-30% or more on dental supplies. There are over 65,000 products from more than 550 brands Facts: Easy to sign up Dedicated service Over 65,000 products More options, better pricing GDA PLUS SUPPLIES SAVE + + + 198% increase GDA Plus Supplies Growth From 2019 through June 2021, GDA Plus Supplies has grown 198% to 942 new practices that have purchased supplies for better savings and service. +

Get real-time communication at your fingertips through GDA's social media pages and podcasts. Get updates on industry trends, find events and connect with other members. View member-driven content, including events and continuing education courses, marketing tools, legal resources, publications, and explore exclusive member savings through the GDA Plus Program. Visit gadental.org to get access to all of your member benefits. GDA Action focuses on current matters affecting dentists and patients. It keeps dentists informed of current trends in dentistry and news and issues of interest, including professional success and growth, practice management, legislative updates, public service, and community relations. GDA's seven districts host local meetings, CE courses, study clubs, and networking events throughout the year, giving members a chance to connect with others in their local community. Delivered directly to your inbox, this email newsletter keeps members informed with the latest news and information, plus opportunities for savings, benefits, services, and programs from the GDA. Looking for colleagues and maybe some of the best friends you'll ever make? District dental associations offer you the chance to share networking meals, opinions, advice, support, continuing education and family events at local venues with your professional colleagues. To find your district, visit gadental.org/districts. GDA publishes an electronic leadership directory that includes GDA state officers, board of trustees, district officers, house of delegates, and committee members. GDA members may log in and view the directory online at gadental.org/directory. YOUR GDA LEADERSHIP 14 GDA E-NEWS GDA WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA AND PODCASTS DISTRICT MEETINGS GDA ACTION MAGAZINE STAY CONNECTED YOUR LOCAL DISTRICTS +

@gadentalassn Georgia Dental Association INSTAGRAM 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE Building 17, Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30328 (404) 636-7553 (800) 432-4357 gadental.org Georgia Dental Association LINKEDIN FACEBOOK @gadentalassn TWITTER