MSMS Michigan Medicine November December 2022

Nov / Dec 2022 | michigan MEDICINE® 11 References 1. Catch-up Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents Who Start Late or Who Are More than 1 Month Behind. schedules/hcp/imz/catchup.html 2. Childhood Vaccination Toolkit for Clinicians. https:// 3. Multiple Injections/Coadministration of Vaccines. administer-vaccines.html#multiple-injections 4. COVID-19 vaccine and coadministration with other vaccines. clinical-considerations/interim-considerations-us. html#timing-spacing-interchangeability 5. Timing and Spacing of Immunobiologics. https:// timing.html the influence you have with your patients to get them caught up on vaccines. You can implement the following tactics to encourage follow through on vaccination: • Extend your service hours (evenings and weekends) for vaccination services or to accommodate more appointments with vaccinations. • Use your patient reminder-recall system and notifications to reach patients and parents with children who have fallen behind on their vaccinations. • Provide referrals to another place where vaccines are available, such as pharmacies or local health department immunization clinics. • Partner with the health department or community groups to host a vaccination clinic or event. This strategy could be repeated for flu vaccines during flu season starting in October. CDC provides guidance on planning satellite vaccination clinics. It is crucial to communicate the importance of immunizations and ensure your patients are up to date on their vaccinations. You can champion vaccination in your practice by ensuring all staff are up to date on their vaccinations and that they are sharing frequent and consistent messages about the importance of immunizations.