NCLM Southern City, Volume 73, Issue 4 2023

ARP dollars were allocated based on residential population, so similar to many tourism-heavy towns, Southern Shores received a relatively small amount of money—just under $1 million— compared to the number of people that will ultimately use the infrastructure. So, Southern Shores is leveraging NCLM’s ARP service programs to make that money go as far as possible—and to find additional funds. The town is taking part in NCLM’s grant writing program. This assistance offering pairs municipalities with grant writing professionals, who will apply for the many federal and state funding programs currently available. This program allows towns with limited staff capacity to adequately prepare and apply for grants, and, when awarded, will continue to assist towns with managing the funds. “There are grant opportunities out there,” said Mayor Morey. “And this is going to help us take advantage of them.” Board Profile: Mayor Elizabeth Morey SOUTHERN SHORES AND THE AMERICAN RESCUE PLAN Like many towns across North Carolina, Southern Shores is investing its American Rescue Plan funds into transformational infrastructure upgrades. Specifically, it is addressing a bridge. Southern Shores features an extensive canal system, and the bridge in question crosses one section. It is frequently noted among the citizens as an area to improve, both in terms of safety and structural integrity. SOUTHERN SHORES AND NCLM’S ARP SERVICE LINE NCLM.ORG 23