NCLM Southern City, Volume 73, Issue 4 2023

Towns may end up on the UAL (Unit Assistance List), which is overseen by the Local Government Commission within the State Treasurer’s office for a variety of reasons, including when they do not have enough available funds to cover expenditures. Newton Grove was placed on the UAL prior to the pandemic, but through the assistance of the ARP funds, have seen their status improve greatly. Bradshaw shared the incredible impact these funds will have on their town, “We have struggled so long with trying to be able to figure out how to do some of these [repairs]. And we are still in the process of needing more repairs, but that money helped us tremendously […] to bring us up to a level where we should be.” The League has heard many similar stories from across the state where ARP funds are helping towns fix ongoing infrastructure challenges. The funds are replacing lost revenue for towns with declining populations and are allowing towns experiencing a growth in population to proactively update their equipment. “I cannot tell you how critical [the ARP funds] have been,” Richard Marvin, NCLM ARP Field Representative, said. “It has been a phenomenal thing to have direct revenue sharing like this […] and it is allowing towns to see investment into their infrastructure so they can attract more growth.” The League has come alongside Newton Grove as a consultant for appropriately following the required procedures of accepting ARP funds and offering services for grant writing, legal counsel, cybersecurity, and communications. “The League has been very helpful with the reports that we have had to do with ARP. I cannot thank [them] enough,” Bradshaw said. “I think anybody should take advantage of anything that the League offers as an education or simply just sitting down with somebody and just speaking to them.” The League has been very helpful with the reports that we have had to do with ARP. I cannot thank [them] enough. » Amanda Bradshaw, Town Clerk and Zoning & Planning Administrator, Newton Grove ARP Case Study: Newton Grove NCLM.ORG 31