NCLM Southern City, Volume 73, Issue 4 2023

“There’s only three of us in the office,” Holland explained. “With the new software, it’s a learning curve… Everyone with the League, you call and ask a question and they give you an answer… it’s just helped tremendously with everything, not just the software, with everything. It’s a blessing really.” The Town of Pikeville is one of two pilot towns to successfully convert to Black Mountain Software, along with the Town of Jonesville. To celebrate the long, financial journey the Town of Pikeville has undergone over the past few years, NCLM Executive Director Rose Williams, MAS Senior Consultant Perry James, and Tracy Chestnutt joined Pikeville’s town hall meeting on October 9. Mayor Johnston received the MAS Program completion plaque on behalf of Pikeville. Holland and Tim Biggerstaff, Town Manager, received certificates of completion as well. “It’s not just about us, it’s about small towns in North Carolina having a more efficient program and being able to run things with better accountability,” said Mayor Johnston. Mayor Johnston witnessed firsthand the struggles his town was having in managing its finances. He realized that oftentimes it’s not about someone intentionally trying to mismanage accounts, there’s just a lack of experience in the municipal accounting field. With the Black Mountain Software “it takes the guesswork out of what we’re doing,” he said. The Town of Pikeville recently received its budget ask of $1 million from Rep. John Bell to renovate its parks, revitalize downtown with a new town hall, and develop community initiatives for the town’s people to spearhead. Now that the town is operating in the Black Mountain Software, it makes that money much easier to manage, monitor, and plan. “The town was drowning, and the state and the League came in like a life raft and we were able to get out of our mess,” said Mayor Johnston. “We want to inspire people with what we’re doing... and whatever we do, we need to do with excellence.” ARP Case Study: Pikeville NCLM.ORG 33