NCLM Southern City, Volume 73, Issue 4 2023

ARP Case Study: Wilkesboro the future. Neither of these purchases were planned in the initial yearly budget, but because of the ARP-enabled funds, the town was able to make a move when the opportunities arose. The town plans to use the properties for continued investment in the growth and revitalization of Wilkesboro for years to come, allowing their ARPenabled funds to continue to make an impact. “The hope is that this is going to trickle into our downtown and our other merchants and give them a boost in business,” Ratcliff said. “The economic development is more of a long game, but I hope that we do something that makes our residents proud to call Wilkesboro home and I hope we can preserve that character that I think a lot of people really cherish around here.” The League is working alongside Wilkesboro in ensuring the town has the support needed to help them navigate a number of new processes that have come along with the ARP funding. “I can tell that [Halee Ratcliff] is really invested in Wilkesboro and really wants to move them forward,” Mathis said. And the town is taking advantage of a number of the League’s ARP services, including transitioning over to software provided by the League’s Municipal Accounting Services (MAS). The system will upgrade the town’s financial system and the League will provide them with personalized assistance throughout the transition. “[The League] has made sure I have all the resources I need as a new finance director to keep us going in the right direction,” Ratcliff said. “It’s nice to know we can call on them and have someone in our corner as an advocate for a small town.” NCLM.ORG 35