NMDA Fiesta Registration Kit 2021

24 2021 Fiesta NMDA June 17–19, 2021 New Mexico Dental Association is an ADA CERP Recognized Provider 6. Protecting your profession by making your voice heard where it matters most… The NMDA fights on your behalf in Washington, DC, Santa Fe and across the state on topics like Medicaid, fluoridation, workforce, legislation and regulatory issues that will directly impact the economics of your practice and the oral health of your patients. 9.Giving back through philanthropic efforts… The NMDA created our charitable arm, the New Mexico Dental Association Foundation, to administer the state’s largest charitable event, the New Mexico Mission of Mercy, as well as the Donated Dental Services program to assist low income elderly and disabled populations . 8.Keeping money in your pockets… Save $230-$280 on registration for the Annual Session, receive discounts on local CE courses, and take advantage of member discounts from endorsed vendors for items like labs, supplies and professional services . 10. And know you are not alone… By joining the ADA/NMDA/your local district, you not only have the support of your colleagues, but you also have the collaborative strength of the Power of 3- local, state and national resources. Plus, you have access to the NMDA’s exclusive free peer review service. JOIN TODAY Call us at 505-294-1368 or visit www.nmdental.org . 9201 Montgomery Blvd. NE Suite 601 Albuquerque, NM 87111 PH- 505-294-1368 FAX- 505-294-9958 10 ways that ADA/NMDA membership benefits you… 7.Getting started on the right foot... Our New Dentist Committee meets regularly to network, socialize, share resources and advocate on behalf of new dentists.