OAHHS Hospital Voice Fall/Winter 2021-22

Fall/Winter 2021-22 “That he had gotten better made all the work we did worth it,” says Pobanz. “It can be draining to put in so much effort and time and nothing to show for it. But to see that he got to go home was so rewarding.” Robertson-Otis feels the same way. She said, “We’ve seen so many people die, and the fact that he made it gave all of us not only hope that we can work hard enough to save people, but also that he is an inspiration for our team about how many times you can want to give up, but you don’t. Real human interaction is one of the things that matters most, and if you can’t be there for people, what else is there? When they need you and you can give to them, it’s a wonderful honor. It changes you to know someone and have something major happen together with them. As a nurse, I’m a part of something major in someone’s life. And I want to be as present with them as I can, and have an open heart, helping them get to the next stage.” The man who once proudly held three jobs now turns to his wife and eldest daughter, Marielena, for the family’s income, while AJ takes on the role as his main caretaker. Castro tires easily and still struggles to breathe. He will need oxygen constantly and he may eventually need a lung transplant. He faces a long, difficult road to recovery ahead, but physical and occupational therapy are already helping to bring noticeable improvements every day. “He’s doing so well right now,” said Tuepker, who has stayed in touch with Castro and his wife. “It’s very unusual for me that a friendship has come out of this. Amanda tells me, ‘I’m still scared.’ And I say, ‘Yeah, you’re probably going to continue to be.’” Today Tuepker pictures Castro at home, which reminds her “to continue to have hope and pass that on to others. There’s a fine line sometimes between hope and reality and sometimes you need hope to push through reality.” “He is an inspiration for our team about how many times you can want to give up, but you don’t.” Erin Robertson-Otis, RN 23