OAHHS Hospital Voice Fall/Winter 2021-22

29 Fall/Winter 2021-22 to 5 million data points including availability of acute care, rehab and psychiatric wards, PPE, and emergency departments. The OCS also addresses concerns over patient privacy by removing sensitive data before it’s collected. No identifiable patient information ever enters the system, so it can’t leave the hospital. Some of the best news for hospital staffs is this: by pulling data directly from the electronic medical record, the OCS eliminates the need for time consuming manual input of spreadsheets multiple times each day. With Oregon as a model and Apprise leading the installation, developers of the OCS system hope it will be adopted in other states across the country. “The OCS gives us a bird’s eye view of critical care. We know where we have capacity, and we can also coordinate with other services that wrap around the care.” Helene Anderson, Regional Director of Capacity & Throughput, Providence Health & Services