OHCA The Oregon Caregiver Spring Summer 2022

www.ohca.com SPRING/SUMMER 2022 The Oregon Caregiver 29 SPONSORED CONTENT discriminatory terms. Provide them tools to avoid legal pitfalls, like suggested interview questions. 9. Have a diverse hiring team. Engage a diverse group of individuals to assist with preparing job advertisements and establishing and evaluating against objective standards. Doing so will help avoid inadvertently excluding minority candidates through word choice and unconscious bias. 10. Don’t stop at the hiring process. Hiring employees from diverse backgrounds is not enough. Employers must also intentionally adapt their culture to allow a diverse workforce to thrive. Next steps include removing bias from other employment decisionmaking and advancement processes; providing work structures, policies, and benefits that cater to a workforce with diverse needs; and educating managers and employees about equity and inclusion.  Lane Powell PC is an OHCA business partner and full service regional law firm with a team of attorneys dedicated to the senior living and long term care industry. This article has been sponsored and provided by Lane Powell PC.