OHCA The Oregon Caregiver Spring Summer 2022

The Oregon Caregiver SPRING/SUMMER 2022 www.ohca.com 34 2022 SPRING EXPO 2022 Spring Expo On April 21, 2022, we were excited to host our Spring Expo in person at the Salem Convention Center. With more than 400 provider registrants along with our staff, volunteers, exhibitors, and sponsors, the event was a huge success, filled with great energy and valuable educational trainings. We loved being able to connect with long term care professionals, sponsors, and exhibitors face-to-face once again. This year, we also offered OnDemand recorded education content for those who couldn’t join us in person. This year we celebrated our sector’s continued commitment to quality care, even during the difficulties of the past two years with a Grease-themed event, “Devoted to Quality Care.” George Carroll kicked off the event with his keynote presentation, “Developing a Positive Psychology in Challenging Times.” Following the keynote, attendees were able to attend a wide variety of educational sessions on quality improvement, DEI, memory care, leadership, and other important topics for long term care professionals. At lunch, attendees got to engage with important service providers, exhibitors, and sponsors at the Trade Show. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, and we look forward to seeing you at the Annual Convention in the fall! 