OTA Dispatch Issue 1, 2022

23 www.ortrucking.org Issue 1 | 2022 Kristine’s vociferous support of the trucking industry caught the attention of OTA’s Image Committee in 2020. At the OTA Annual Convention that year, Kristine accepted the 2020 Image Award, which recognizes the efforts of individuals and companies that positively promote the trucking industry’s image, as well as show a commitment to safety, community involvement, positive interaction with the public, and much more. As for why she continues to participate on committees, actively engages with OTA efforts and continues to advocate for trucking, Kristine points to truck drivers. “I want to see a change in the perception of the industry. Government, city councils, and other groups need to know about the professionalism of our drivers so they are willing to protect what they, and everyone involved in trucking, actually do for our economy and our communities.” Even with her days full of running HWY and time with her family, Kristine is also volunteering her time to lead OTA’s Highway Policy committee. Given her experience, she is the perfect candidate to assist with reviewing Oregon’s overdimensional practices, routes, and fees as they relate to hauling High, Wide, and Heavy loads across the state, which is the purpose of the committee. The Value of Versatility Versatility and agility are built into HWY’s business model and have resulted in a strong corporate infrastructure, both in terms of the work they do and the team that they’ve built. A company started by a sister and brother, HWY has, by default and intent, kept a sense of family at its heart. Team lunches, race nights, Top Golf events for the family— gives the HWY team a chance to connect and discuss the latest developments. “I also throw an amazing Christmas party,” states Kristine confidently. In 2018, HWY created the ultimate versatility by starting a second company in Phoenix, AZ, that specializes in rigging and machinery moving. Carson has since moved to Phoenix to manage Maximum Machinery Moving, LLC and Kristine supports from the sidelines while managing HWY. This as predicted, has been a strong move as many of the employees have flown back and forth to assist the other company during surges in work. Of course, there are certain things that no one can predict or plan for. Like many other companies, COVID-19 resulted in HWY losing drivers and required a shift in how employees work, and they continue to deal with a driver and labor shortage today. When asked how HWY is dealing with the issues that the pandemic has brought around, her statement was clear and concise. “Our goal, from the moment we made a decision in 2013, has always been to keep people working and provide an environment they can be proud of. We will continue to do everything we can to support our drivers and their families. We will trust in God and continue to move forward,” states Kristine. After a few unpredictable and unprecedented years, HWY will continue to focus on the future. When asked the time-honored question of “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Kristine had a thoughtful answer at the ready. “We would like to continue to evolve and diversify the services we provide, along with raising industry standards. Provide more jobs and great benefits for quality people who deserve it.” Given what Kristine and her team have accomplished since 2013, we have a feeling that HWY will accomplish this and much more in the years ahead! For more about Highway Heavy Hauling, please visit their website at hwyheavyhauling.com.