OTA Dispatch Issue 1, 2022

26 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch NORTHWEST FLEET MAINTENANCE The NW Fleet Maintenance Certification program is designed specifically for maintenance managers and others interested in fleet maintenance management. The year-long course will cover the basics of running a shop and maintaining a top-notch maintenance program, including rules and best practices. Other areas of focus include developing leadership skills and cultivating a strong safety culture. NORTHWEST FLEET SAFETY OTA’s Northwest Fleet Safety Certification program offers a unique curriculum that covers all aspects of creating and maintaining a topnotch fleet safety program. This year-long program focuses on the tools and resources safety personnel need to keep trucks, shops, and people safe and protected. The program covers required regulatory courses, as well as sessions designed for personal and professional development. Flexibility is built in. Focused & Expert Instruction Network with Colleagues Small Class Size Comprehensive Curriculum CERTIFICATION PROGRAM CERTIFICATION PROGRAM C L A S S E S S T A R T S O O N ! SAFETY@ORTRUCKING.ORG 503.513.0005 WWW.ORTRUCKING.ORG