OTA Dispatch Issue 1, 2022

32 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch Take a load off… Let OTA Help with Your Annual OD Permits! STAFFING HAS BECOME a problem for every industry and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. OTA can take at least one thing off your plate—annual over-dimensional permits! OTA has been an authorized agent on behalf of ODOT for over 25 years, issuing Oregon Annual Continuous Operation Variance Permits (COVP). The Basics For operating motor vehicles, combinations that exceed legal limits for weight, length, height, or width must apply for an over-dimensional permit. OTA issues the following permits: ` Oregon State ` Oregon Counties ` City of Portland Available Permits: ` Oversize load-extended weight and/or over length ` Truck tractor/semitrailer over width and legal weight, 80,000 lbs. ` Unladen heavy haul truck tractor/ semitrailer w/jeep and/or booster ` Truck tractor/semitrailer 70/80 permit ` Heavy haul truck and trailer over width and overweight, 98,000 lbs. ` Triples ` And more… The Benefits There is no additional fee for going through OTA for the permits listed above, but you also get the benefit of: ` A streamlined process—order online or by email, fax, or phone ` Fast and accurate service—OTA’s knowledgeable agent removes the guesswork and the majority of permits are issued the same day ` What you need, when you need it—renewal reminders, quick turnaround times Learn more at ortrucking.org/permits. Ready to get started? Email: permits@ortrucking.org Phone: 503.513.0005 Fax: 503.513.9541