OTA Dispatch Issue 1, 2022

7 Issue 1 | 2022 www.ortrucking.org state, but let’s be honest, the small staff at OTA can’t possibly be involved in everything in all parts of the state. That’s where OTA in Action and OTA’s Key Contacts programs come in to play. As they say, many hands make light work. OTA won’t send you “into the fray” without preparation. If needed, we can provide training and best practices for interacting with your legislators and other decisionmakers. We can identify who those people are and help you find the best ways to engage with them. Even if you want to keep things informal, you can still be involved. We send out calls to action when there are key issues that need immediate attention. Just take a moment to read them and respond accordingly— sometimes with comments or other action items. The most efficient way for us to monitor, effect change, and survive, is to do so working together, as a united front. So please think seriously about getting involved. You are your own best advocate and, as a member of the Oregon Trucking Associations, you are also a part of something bigger. We all represent Oregon’s trucking industry, no matter where we’re located, the types of trucks that we run or the clients that we serve. We may have different political opinions or priorities, but in the end, we’re all fighting for a healthy operating environment where we have a clear path to success. We will be sending out requests and opportunities to get involved. For now, take some time to educate yourself and get to know your lawmakers and regulators. If you ever have a question or concern about what’s happening in your region or beyond, reach out to OTA. If you can, be proactive in your involvement and always be ready and willing to take action!