OTA Dispatch Issue 2, 2022

11 www.ortrucking.org Issue 2 | 2022 The TDC requires a lot of help to pull together. We’d like to thank all of the volunteers who assisted with judging and keeping the competition on track throughout the day, along with Joy Ferber who opened the competition with the National Anthem. We’d also like to thank this year’s sponsors and those companies that donated equipment. THANK YOU TDC SPONSORS Equipment Donors `ADM `FedEx Freight `FedEx Ground `Old Dominion `TP Trucking `Tradewinds Sponsors `American Barricade Co. `Bigfoot Beverages `Charlie’s Produce `Franz Bakery `Les Schwab `TEC Equipment BEST PRE–TRIP James Plaxco (Old Dominion) MONEY STOP James Plaxco (Old Dominion) and Jim Irey (Albertson’s) 2022 TDC Winners in Each Class THREE–AXLE Tim Melody, ABF Mark McNeal, FedEx Freight George Chavez, FedEx Freight FOUR–AXLE Daniel Shamrell, FedEx Freight Christopher Ware, FedEx Freight James Plaxco, Old Dominion FIVE–AXLE Juan Covarrubias, Tradewinds Justin Howell, Organically Grown Glenn Mahaffey, Tradewinds FLATBED Chris Outen, FedEx Freight Tom Smith, Albertsons Chad Jackson, FedEx Freight SLEEPER BERTH Kirby Ferber, FedEx Freight Paul Kershaw, WalMart Shawn Marks, WalMart STEP VAN Adam Elliott, FedEx Freight Christina Hinds, FedEx Ground STRAIGHT TRUCK Gurinder Dhaliwal, FedEx Freight Donald Morrow, Organically Grown TANKER Heladio Fernandez, FedEx Freight Donald Pfeiffer, Albertsons Michael Sanders, Old Dominion TWIN Ronald Zieser, FedEx Freight Mario Amatisto, ABF Adam Mueller, Old Dominion Winners in each class have the opportunity to represent Oregon at the National Truck Driving Championships in Indianapolis, IN, taking place August 16–19, 2022. `UPS `Walsh Trucking `Yellow