OTA Dispatch Issue 2, 2022

26 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch Do You Have an Opinion... Share It! By Christa Wendland, OTA Communications Consultant to behold. There are ways to engage, no matter your comfort level. For the most part, you don’t even have to seek out opportunities to share your opinions. ODOT, DEQ, and other agencies actually ask for them. All you need to do is respond. OTA will often highlight these in our social media posts and email newsletters. With a long legislative session coming in 2023, there may be even more avenues to step up and speak out. For now, here are a few of the projects and topics that you can get involved in: ` Interstate Bridge Replacement www.interstatebridge.org—Does the proposed design meet trucking’s needs? ` Rose Quarter Improvement Project www.i5rosequarter.org—Trucking has been paying for this project for five years, but what do we have to show for it? ` I-205 Tolling Project www.oregon.gov/odot/tolling/Pages/I205-Tolling.aspx—This is just the first of many proposed tolling sites in the Portland metropolitan area. What else is in store? OK—THAT’S A RHETORICAL question because we know you do. Especially when it comes to the many rules, regulations, transportation projects and other decisions impacting the trucking industry. The real question is— who are you sharing it with? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Whether they are informed or not is a different issue. When it comes to determining the future of Oregon’s trucking industry, OTA is increasingly witnessing the influence of social justice, environmental, labor, and other special interest groups in dictating these rules, regulations, and what should be traditional road projects. Needless to say, they understand very little about the trucking industry or even trucks themselves. Ask yourself—where is your voice on the issues that matter? OTA actively represents the trucking industry, so as a member you do automatically have a voice; however, while we can tell trucking’s collective tale, your individual story matters and makes a difference. We’re not suggesting that each and every member standup and bear witness to the destructive policies that are coming our way—although that would be a sight ` DEQ “Climate Protection Program” www.oregon.gov/deq/ghgp/cpp/ Pages/default.aspx—Also known as Cap & Trade. Don’t forget the related Greenhouse Gas Emissions Program 2021—www.oregon.gov/deq/ rulemaking/Pages/rghgcr2021.aspx Change is inevitable, but we can influence what that change looks like. If you’re not sure how to get started, or if you need some talking points to help you craft your message, OTA can help. Email us at info@ortrucking.org. “Change is inevitable, but we can influence what that change looks like.”