OTA Dispatch Issue 2, 2022

28 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch Volunteer Instructors and OTA By AdamWilliamson, OTA’s Director of Training & Development MAINTAINING A TOP-NOTCH training program that benefits the entire trucking industry is not without challenges. While safety has always been the primary focus of the association (with an emphasis on FMCSA compliance), the subject matter needs are clearly much broader than that, frequently requiring that we branch out into other topics. OTA serves a wide range of members with a diverse set of training needs, and it is important to provide as much support as we can to all our members. The industry itself is constantly in a state of change from both a regulatory and technology standpoint that requires regular updates to core training materials. Due to COVID limiting in person classes over the last couple of years, even the format has changed to incorporate more virtual instruction opportunities. It is a lot to keep up with! OTA has benefited from the generous support of industry professionals who have lent their expertise and time to developing training content and have even served as volunteer instructors in many of our programs. I am genuinely amazed at the level of support that is shown by volunteers who have become such a vital part of the association. OTA’s training program would not be what it is without our volunteer instructors. Part of what drives this elevated level of participation from our members is the belief that there are no “trade secrets” when it comes to the topic of safety. This is a core reason Dan Petrillo with Laporte Insurance has for several years served as volunteer instructor in OTA’s Northwest Fleet Safety certification program teaching classes such as OSHA Regulations, Health & Wellness, and Accident Investigation. Dan writes: I appreciate OTA’s commitment to the NWFS program, and I look forward to meeting the participants every year. I believe that safety and health information should always be freely shared, and I love supporting OTA and its members in keeping our drivers and the public safe on the road! Others see an opportunity for professional growth and networking by participating as volunteer instructors. Billy Dover with Tyree Oil has also contributed to both the Northwest Safety and Northwest Fleet Maintenance Certification programs as an instructor on topics like Risk Management and Safety: Return on Investment. Billy writes: The training the OTA provides plays a pivotal role in establishing industry performance standards and expectations. Many first-time supervisors and safety associates have not been exposed to the multifaceted challenges associated with “regulatory compliance,” benchmarking, and continual process improvement which enables organizations to document current conditions while systematically measure improvements/ SAFETY trends. Just as important, the networking opportunities created through the OTA strengthens everyone involved and provides a highly effective way for sharing ideas and best practices. Having committed contributors like Dan, Billy, and many others has given OTA the ability to provide a broader range of training services than we could have provided by simply relying on internal experience and expertise. On behalf of OTA, I would like to thank each of the volunteer instructors that have participated in our training programs through the years. The support has been greatly appreciated. We look forward to our future collaborations! Part of what drives this elevated level of participation from our members is the belief that there are no “trade secrets” when it comes to the topic of safety.