OTA Dispatch Issue 4, 2022

17 www.ortrucking.org Issue 4 | 2022 different tool set from operating in real life—or IRL for the tech savvy crowd. OTA members consist of everyone from individual owner-operators who spend most of their time behind the wheel to executives who spend most of their time behind a desk. Some spend their work lives online. Others spend it out in the shop or on the road. As a result, we communicate with members in a number of ways—email, traditional mailings, meetings (in-person or online) and more. The one standard has always been our website. Like our logo, for the past decade it has remained relatively unchanged. Of course, we update the content as frequently as we can. In some cases, we may have added more information than you need, or put it someplace that’s hard to find. We again took inspiration from another popular pandemic pastime—the closet purge. In this case, we have “purged” the OTA website and brought in a new “organization system.” OTA’s new website will launch in early 2023. It has a fresh new look to match our fresh new logo. It offers streamlined access to what most visitors are looking for—members, non-members, and the general public. We’re also planning to have new, interactive features that will keep you up to date on what exactly OTA is up to and how you can get involved. We’ll expand our member-only content and find new ways to inform the public and promote the industry. We also want to hear from members when you have news to share. Our intent is to use the website to both educate and celebrate Oregon’s trucking industry. It’s now December, and 2022 is coming to a close. As we put winter coats on for the first time, we’ll likely find some leftover COVID masks in the pockets and remember when and think never again. But, with the right perspective, we can take the lessons learned and build on trucking’s many successes to move into the new year with a firm resolve to reaffirm our place in keeping this country moving and a fresh focus on where we want to go.