OTA Dispatch Issue 4, 2022

21 www.ortrucking.org Issue 4 | 2022 Are You Ready for Paid Leave Oregon? From HR Answers, Inc. PAID LEAVE OREGON impacts every Oregon employer and employers with employees working in Oregon the majority of the time. If this is news to you it’s not too late to prepare. Paid Leave Oregon is an insurance benefit available to all to all employees in Oregon, when certain conditions are met. On January 1, 2023, employers will either participate in the state insurance, purchase 3rd party insurance, or selfinsure. In any case employers will begin reporting additional information that will be used for the administration of the benefit plan. Employees will be eligible to claim benefits beginning September 1, 2023. Benefits include up to 12 weeks of leave annually, with full or partial wage replacement depending on their pay at the time of the claim. Employers are required to allow for the leave and will need to evaluate their leave polices to provide notice of this benefit and interactions with other mandatory and discretionary leave choices. Four steps to get you started: 1. Decide if you will use the state plan, an outside insurance plan, or self-insure. If choosing an outside insurance plan or self-insuring you will need to file a plan for confirmation of equivalency and approval. See more at paidleave. oregon.gov/employers/Pages/ equivalent-plan.aspx 2. Make sure your organization is registered on Frances. This is the state system for related tracking and reporting. This will be required regardless of the option chosen in #1 above. The only difference may be who is using the system. Get started at www.oregon.gov/employ/frances/ Pages/default.aspx 3. Decide the deduction/contributions amounts for your organization. Employees cannot be required to contribute more than .006% of gross wages. Employers with 25 or more employees are required to contribute at least .004% of gross wages. Employers with fewer than 25 employees are not required to contribute, however they will give up some assistance grant eligibility if not contributing. More details at: paidleave.oregon.gov/ Documents/Program%20Resources/ Contributions-Fact-Sheet-EN.pdf 4. Provide notice to employees about the program and how deduction/contributions will be made. Employees are not able to opt out of this benefit. Get the poster at: paidleave.oregon.gov/ DocumentsForms/Paid-LeaveModelNotice-Poster-EN.pdf For more information on all of this and more, visit the Paid Leave Oregon website at https://paidleave.oregon.gov/Pages/ default.aspx. HR Answers, Inc. is a well-known provider of HR specialty services and products, with a vision to approach human resources with originality and the goal to greater understanding and knowledge about positive employment practice and compliance to lessen the risk of lawsuits and regulatory concerns. Find out more about HR Answers, Inc. at hranswers.com.