OTA Dispatch Issue 4, 2022

www.ortrucking.org 3 Issue 4 | 2022 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Chair & ATA State VP Evan Oneto (FedEx) Vice Chair Erik Zander (Omega Morgan) Secretary/Treasurer Bart Sherman (Sherman Bros. Trucking) ATA State VP Nick Card (Blackwell Consolidation) Past Chair Andy Owens (A&M Transport) ISI Rep Diane DeAutremont (Lile Int. Co.) Chair Appointee Ron Riddle (Leavitt’s Freight Service) DIRECTORS-AT-LARGE John Barnes (TEC Equipment) Greg Galbraith (Market Express) Scott Hammond (Knife River Corp.) Heather Hayes (Tradewinds Trans.) David Hopkins (TP Trucking) Charles Ireland (Ireland Trucking) Kirk Watkins (Western Heavy Haul) Regional Representatives Central Oregon Ron Cholin (Stinger Transport) Eastern Oregon Roni Shaw (Bowman Trucking) Metro Region Tim Love (Carson Oil Co.) Southern Oregon  Ryan Hutchens (F.V. Martin Trucking) Willamette Valley Ron Bowers (Ron Bowers Inc.) COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Safety Management Council (SMC) Jennifer King (WHA Insurance) Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Mike Vallery (Oak Harbor Freight Lines, Inc.) Standing Committee Representatives Allied Trevin Fountain (Cummins) Government Affairs Kristal Fiser (UPS) Highway Policy Erik Zander, Omega Morgan Image Michael Card (Combined Transport) Membership Nick Card (Combined Transport) OTA in Action Mark Gibson (Siskiyou Transportation) Truck PAC Erik Zander (Omega Morgan) COMMITTEES Allied Government Affairs Highway Policy Image Membership Oregon TruckPAC OTA in Action To learn more about the committees or councils listed above, contact OTA at membership@ortrucking.org or 503.513.0005. 2022/2023 BOARD OF DIRECTORS OTA Welcomes the Following New Members! DOT Compliance Experts, LLC Great Northwest Transport United Rentals Transportation Compliance, LLC two elections who will make decisions on the issues important to us, and they have yet to even meet truckers from their own districts. Please come and introduce yourself, give them a name and a face to associate with trucking so they can gain a more personal understanding that we are not just voters and constituents, but local businesses that connect their entire economy. Teddy Roosevelt is famed for popularizing the phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” His wise words are no less relevant today than when he spoke them more than 100 years ago. It is that principle which prompted OTA leadership to prioritize growing TruckPAC in recent years and it has helped make a difference. Our active participation in the political and legislative process has helped us score some important victories in recent years. But as important policy decisions are being increasingly delegated to regulatory agencies, our presence must be equally strong in this arena as well. Unfortunately, trucking’s voice is assigned a minority position in the discussions that are making decisions directly affecting our industry. That is why we must increase giving to our Legal Fund. While a tool of last resort, it is one nearly all business associations in Oregon are becoming more reliant on, and so we must as well. Sometimes an important legal victory can help remind lawmakers and regulators alike that our concerns must not be ignored, and certain processes must be respected when crafting new rules and regulations. Therefore, I will be asking you to make this important cause a priority as in the coming year. I know it may seem this is a lot to ask during a time when each of us is busier in our own businesses to help them succeed during these uncertain times, watching our costs and trying to plan for what’s next. It is precisely during challenging times that our hard work and investments pay the most dividends down the road. Our strength as an industry comes form our culture of hard work and unity. While trucking is known for its rugged independence and fierce competition, we look out for each other on the road and watch each other’s back from shared threats. In that spirit, we must come together at this time and work to defend our collective interests. We all have different sets of skills, assets, and perspectives to share with OTA to make our industry stronger and better able navigate this time of profound change. I hope you consider bringing your company’s unique skill set to the table in 2023. See you down the road, Evan. All members are listed in our online directory via the member portal.