OTLA Trial Lawyer Winter 2022

Table of Contents 1
Embrace Your Clients with All Their Faults 6
Trauma Informed Interviewing 10
Alleging and Proving Vicarious Liability Claims in Sexual Assault Cases 14
Guilty and Liable: Maximizing a successful prosecution to develop a future claim 18
Childhood Trauma in sex abuse settlements 22
Advocating for Survivors of child sex abuse image offenses 28
Human Trafficking 31
Nursing Home Sexual Abuse 36
Crash Course in school sexual abuse claims 40
Revenge Porn: Legislative updates 43
Workplace Sexual Harassment: It's complicated 46
President's Message: COVID, connection, community 2
View from the Bench: Making the best use of motions in limine 4
Annual Partners 13
OTLA Guardians of Civil Justice 26
Comp Corner: Medical conditions 50
Between the Sheets 51