PLSO The Oregon Surveyor January/February 2022

16 The Oregon Surveyor | Vol. 45, No. 1 2022 Annual Conference According to Webster’s Dictionary, the definition of community that fits PLSO is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Goals is an important word. Since 1959, the goals of the association have been wrapped up into its mission statement: “The mission of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon, a not-for-profit statewide professional organization, is to unite all licensed Land Surveyors in the State of Oregon: • To promote legislation and educational programs to improve the professional status of Oregon Land Surveyors; and • To advance the profession of Land Surveying by promoting high standards of practice and ethical conduct, holding paramount the interests of the public.” We think this year’s award winners have had a hand in participating and improving our community throughout the years. Volunteers are a special type of person, and we’re especially excited to celebrate all three men. Please join us by thanking them for their time and sending congratulations for being honored this year! CONGRATULATIONS 2021 Award Winners Recognized By Dan Nelson, PLS and Aimee McAuliffe Article of the Year Chuck Whitten “A Trail Less Traveled” While the history of the land and its settlers is a cornerstone of our profession (pun intended), there occasionally comes an article that combines extensive research while also painting a picture of the landscape. A part of history himself, having been a surveyor for more than 50 years, the author describes the story of his father coming across a perfect tree scribe in 1983 which was dated August 9, 1906. His father managed to save that scribe from the impending logging of the area and a fantastic photo was included in the article. With a memory like a steel trap, Chuck recalled reading about the expedition that was the origin of this scribe while in the library at Oregon State University in 1967. Now 54 years after he first read about it, and 115 years after that expedition, he was able to entertain us with his article from the September/October edition of The Oregon Surveyor. Read it online at: flipbook/plso/2021/SeptOct/14/index.html