PLSO The Oregon Surveyor January/February 2022

17 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | 2022 Annual Conference Life Member Dave Wellman Surveyor of the Year Pat Gaylord Dave Wellman is a pro’s pro, being licensed in Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Maine. The way Dave carries himself as a surveyor and his attention to detail cannot be questioned. D. Wellman Surveying LLC was established in 1999. As a member of PLSO since 1994, Dave has served as Midwest Chapter President twice. He’s been key in organizing many workshops over the years, as well as being a regular attendee of monthly chapter meetings. He has published articles in Professional Surveyor Magazine, GIM International, and three articles in The Oregon Surveyor. “I was just starting out in the surveying profession before moving to Eugene,” Awards Chair Dan Nelson stated at the conference, “and picked up a copy of Point of Beginning Magazine. I read on about a surveyor from Eugene who had traveled to Easter Island to provide 3D scanning of the famous statues. Not knowing anyone from the area, I didn’t think much more about it until I attended my first Midwest Chapter meeting almost a decade later. It was there I met a surveyor who was always willing to join me at career fairs, provide valuable advice to a young surveyor, and eventually become someone I refer to as my friend. I was pleased to see this nomination arrive in my inbox.” Surveyor of the Year is a special award meant to honor someone who has represented PLSO and our community well. Only written nominations endorsed by five members in good standing were considered for the board of directors to vote on the recipient. Minimum requirements include: 1) Be a Corporate Member of PLSO for five or more years; 2) Have a demonstrated history of high competence, integrity, and professionalism; 3) Assisted qualified and interested people in advancement within the profession; and 4) Career-long service to the profession. There aren’t many individuals here who can say they grew up in the PLSO community. Having been born into the surveying community, Pat Gaylord has shown his pride in our organization and our profession his entire career. Serving as board chair (twice), previously awarded Surveyor of the Year, and volunteering on numerous committees, he has given his time whenever and wherever PLSO has needed it. Under Pat’s guidance as publications committee chair, The Oregon Surveyor was awarded the Excellence in Journalism State Society Magazine honor while continuing to provide cover photos and Lost Surveyor articles in his “spare” time. Instead of taking a much-deserved break from volunteering while stepping down as publications committee chair, he instead stepped up as our NSPS liaison, representing Oregon on the national level. Pat continues to go above and beyond the call of duty and we couldn’t have a more deserving recipient of this year’s award. x Dan Nelson announced Pat Gaylord as 2021 Surveyor of the Year at the Thursday lunch.