PLSO The Oregon Surveyor January/February 2022

5 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the PLSO Office at each meeting for decisions to be made appropriately when they arise. As we continue to move through these times, it’s important to remember that PLSO is a member-driven association. I’m certain I say this every year, and that’s because it’s true. These past two years have proven just how true it is. If there isn’t volunteer leadership or committee chairs to take on projects, they don’t happen. As the keeper of the archives, it is inspiring to see familiar names in the minutes throughout the years, but as of January 21, 2022, PLSO has 580 members throughout the state. We need your ideas and expertise. Since starting as your executive secretary a little over eight years ago, I have worked with many of you, and that includes my friend Pat Gaylord from David Evans & Associates, who I am beyond happy to congratulate on winning Land Surveyor of the Year. He has been a guiding light to me in PLSO goals, and stepping in when needed. I know he’s exhausted (mostly just frommy email quantity) and so while we still want him around all the time, I am willing to give him time to rest. So, while Pat rests, I ask that everyone here today think about stepping forward to building our community. And with that said, I am happy to note that we’ve had three people step up into PLSO projects. Brenton Griffen from Rogers Surveying will now be leading the Oregon Young Surveyors group and, just as I was writing this, two former Oregon Tech students that used to volunteer for us each year announced they are joining the auction committee. Thank you to Cole Davis andMarcus Helm from Cascade Timber Consulting. I also want to thank the outgoing board members for their time this past year, and we can all thank Tim Fassbender and Jeremy Sherer for maintaining the leadership of the board during a time when everyone is so busy. While they lead in different ways, they both believe so much in the capabilities of this association, and I appreciate both immensely. Lastly, I would like to remind people that our t-shirts on sale in the PLSO online store are raising money for outreach efforts promoting the profession to high school students. While the details of the how, why, and potential partners are still to be discussed and approved by the board of directors, the goal is to create a video to be streamed through social media to high school age students, their teachers, and counselors. Net proceeds go to fund this project. If you haven’t purchased one yet, they are on sale for $15 for members. The front says “Eat. Sleep. Survey. Repeat.” with the logo on the back. And that, I think, prettymuch sums up the past few years. x