PLSO The Oregon Surveyor January/February 2022

7 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the Publications Committee Bottom line is, we need your input. The ideal article would be approximately 1,000 words (I’ve already written 334 at this point!) and be complemented with high-resolution photos, diagrams, etc. Shorter articles are fine. Longer ones may need to be published in two parts or wait an issue or two until we have room for them, but they will get published. If you have stage fright about writing don’t worry about it. Practice makes perfect and if that doesn’t work we have a great publications committee and editor, Vanessa Salvia, to help out. Email her at if you have ideas you aren’t sure how to polish into an article. Cover Photography I’ve been providing cover photography for many years. This was a combination of my passion for photography and the need for content that wasn’t being submitted. We want other people to share their own photos! This is a great opportunity for your field crews or anyone else to get involved. We need high resolution photos which follow the guidelines below: • Photos within Oregon that include landscapes, cool surveying photos, surveying history, etc. • Photos should not promote a particular company with logos, trucks, etc. They need to be generic. • Photos with people who are recognizable should have a photo release from the person in the photo. Now the Detailed Stuff • Cell phone photos can work fine! Many of the covers you’ve seen in the last few years were taken with a cell phone. • Any photo needs to be high resolution (See example to the right) The size ratio of 16:9 or 4:3 is best because of the shape of our magazine. No matter which ratio you choose, the photo should be at the highest resolution (MP) allowed by your camera for that size ratio. • Keep in mind photos will be cropped to a 9-inch wide x 12-inch high cover size. Vertical photos work best. Landscape photos often don’t crop very well and you lose a lot of detail when you try and make it fit vertically. • Your subject needs to fit on that 9x12 page when it is published. Look up the Rule of Thirds for photography and keep this in mind in your compositions. • Don’t put anything important at the top of your image! We need this space for The Oregon Surveyor banner. In fact, having some sky or something of a fairly even color scheme in this space works really well to allow for flexibility for publication, but is not necessary as often some Photoshop magic can add to a sky or other feature in a pinch. You’ve now taken the perfect cover photo. When you email that photo to the publications committee it is very important that you send it at full resolution. Do not let your email program compress or reduce the image size or we will be contacting you to resubmit. This is often tricky for people, but sometimes there is a checkbox that asks if you want to send at original size, or a smaller size. If that happens, send at original size, or full resolution. Need help with editing your work? No problem. Send us the raw image you captured and we’ll assist with getting it sized correctly for the cover. The committee looks forward to your photo submissions. It would be great to have enough to choose from that it becomes a competition of sorts. Keep in mind we can only publish five cover photos per year, so it might take a bit for your photo to show up, but we will do our best! x Resolution example.