PLSO The Oregon Surveyor March/April 2022

3 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the PLSO Chair as surveyors in society, and learning how to lead others toward a vision. PLSO is looking for future leaders. For the last few years, PLSO has developed a program for a leadership academy. The academy includes emerging leaders, managerial (operational/deliverable) leadership, and strategic leadership. Our Practices Committee has decided to begin an Emerging Leaders program. This program will help the rising generation of surveyors through a mentor who is accountable to the chapter. The program will be administratively supported by the Professional Practice Committee in cooperation with other committees. Emerging leaders will be exposed to the past, present, and future of surveying by their mentor and chapter. They will learn through instruction, example, experience, andstudy. Currently, the committee is at the development stage and has identified the types of curricula needed. Another accomplishment is that the program developed a performancematrix addressing the past (our history), the present (our practice), and the future (our vision). Each learning objective includes a proficiency standard for each principle and practice learned. For instance, under the matrix heading “Past,” mentees will be exposed to general Oregon and county survey history. They will also learn about the history, structure, mission, and goals of PLSO. This program needs the efforts of every seasonedmember who is willing to volunteer. The future of our profession needs us to choose the path of leadership. Our young surveyors are looking for someone to lead and to show themtheway toward a higher purpose. Our profession’s problems will not magically go away, so we must be willing to sacrifice some of our time and energy to achieve our purpose. I am asking you, the ruling generation, to turn your face to the challenge. We need a ground force armed with knowledge, experience, skill, and time. We are looking for surveyors with various backgrounds, including survey history, law, communication, and leadership. We have to train the next generation toward a vision of excellence in our profession and as a leader. I believe in our organization and its members. Our duty as professionals is to train thenext generation towardgood leadership. Please email or call our corporate office if you are ready to face the challenge. I will contact you to volunteer for the Practices Committee and help develop curricula for the Emerging Leaders program. x How to Send Us Your Work Please email the editor Vanessa Salvia with submissions. Your submission should be in .doc format. Please send images separately (not embedded in the document) and at the highest file size available (MB size range versus KB size range—larger sizes are encouraged). Please include the author’s name and email address or phone number for contact.