PLSO The Oregon Surveyor March/April 2022

5 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the PLSO Office A recent example is a meeting the board had in February, giving OSBEELS direct feedback on their current suggestions for pathways to licensure. Future meetings will include two possible changes to the by-laws that will continue to be discussed during chapter meetings until the board is ready to vote on the matter. Last year’s impact was voting to secure funds for remote student labs during COVID. Every year, it means deciding where fundraising money goes for scholarships and outreach. It also affects your career. The more people that know who you are, the more people that want to hire you (client or supervisor). A past-chair once shared that he got a particularly large project because they liked that he had held the position. They felt that it gave him more leverage as an expert. Occasionally, I will hear amember say that they don’t see or hear from PLSO unless it’s time to renew or attend the conference (by “hear” I mean read in a survey or an obscure conversation I accidently stumbled upon on Facebook). To that, I have follow-up questions. Have you been reading the monthly eNews letting you know when chapter meetings are, asking for volunteers, or informing you about what has been going on? Have you been attending chapter meetings (many are teleconference)? Are you reading The Oregon Surveyor? (Of course, by that theory I’m not speaking to the audience I had in mind when I wrote this, am I? Thank you for reading!) Between online, hardcopy and in-person, PLSO is using all forms of communication to create a valuable community. Community takes interaction and effort. A vibrant and healthy community requires new ideas and generations. So, what am I getting at here? Our pool for chair of the board is getting smaller because the same people keep volunteering to be chapter officers. Those people have already served as chair (some more than once), or they don’t want to step up to serve as an executive officer quite yet. I applaud all these folks. Folks like Brent Knapp, Jered McGrath, Dan Nelson, Paul Kowalczyk, Dan Cummings, Derek Windham, John Minor, and more. I feel privileged to know and work with all these men. And I’m really excited to see new faces this year—Brenton Griffin just stepped onto the board (in addition to OrYSN) and Darryl Anderson took over in the South Central Chapter, who has not had representation on the board for a while. I cannot wait to see what contributions they will bring. And I hope to see you, dear readers, taking the reins for a few short years. Getting to know us, as everyone gets to know you better. As chapters began looking for their officers this year, think about stepping up and letting them know how much time you can give. Because I know you will get a lot back. x