PLSO The Oregon Surveyor March/April 2022

8 The Oregon Surveyor | Vol. 45, No. 2 Right of Entry How Permission Does Not Mean Protection By Brenton Griffin, PLS We all have our own typical playbook for what we say when we are approached or we are approaching a neighbor when performing a survey. My typical response when asked what I am doing usually has me refraining from blurting out “None of your darn business.” I usually end up saying something more subtle and explaining that I am performing a survey for one of their neighbors and would like/need access to their property to (insert whatever survey related item here). We all know the variety of responses we carry up our sleeve to combat their follow up questions. I imagine all of us even get to a point where we can sweet talk our way into good standing with just about anyone and let them pretty much give us the keys to their property when we are done. I’m not sure about the dealings other surveyors have with the public in other parts of the state, but for me in northeast Oregon the people are fairly reasonable, if not excited that you’re there. Most of them are willing to share with you their life story and show you where they know or think they know where monuments are located. A seminar regarding right of entry at this year’s conference not only expanded my “level of competency” on the subject, but also opened my eyes to the fact that I have been breaking the law on every boundary survey I have ever performed in Oregon. In my understudy years, I had the opportunity to learn from some of the best sweet talkers around and have taken pride in being able to get permission from landowners to allow me permission for almost anything when it comes to performing our work. However, as I recently learned, permission does not mean protection when it comes to right of entry as presented in the statute. And as I have also found out in talking with other surveyors that have had problems, OrYSN Corner A photo of Brenton Griffin’s desk as he prepares door hangers in advance of a survey.