PLSO The Oregon Surveyor May/June 2022

Editorials From the PLSO Chair, by Jeremy Sherer, PLS 2 From the PLSO Office, by Aimee McAuliffe, PLSO Executive Secretary 4 From the Publications Committee, by Tim Kent, PLS 6 From the PLSO State Lobbyist, by Darrell W. Fuller 8 Featured Articles How Did You Become a Land Surveyor? 9 The Long Way Around, Part I, by Mike Fallert, PLS 11 Women in Surveying, by Renee Clough, PLS, PE, AICP 14 Marked: Adventures of a Woman Land Surveyor in the Pacific Northwest, by Renee Clough, PLS, PE, AICP 15 PLSO Auction Recap and Future Plans, by Gary Johnston, PLS, PLSO Auction Committee Chair 17 An Ode to Gary Johnston, by Aimee McAuliffe, PLSO Executive Secretary 17 A Land Surveyor’s Limerick, by Dick Bryant, LS 920 (ret) 22 Columns Member Spotlight, by Vanessa Salvia 18 The Lost Surveyor, by Pat Gaylord, PLS 24 On the Cover A follow-up to the March/April 2022 cover photo. This is Russel Dodge, who took the photo, analyzing some of the collected data from the Trimble X7 while inside PGE's Oak Grove Hydroelectric Project flowline pipe. This pipe is 9 feet in diameter and diverts part of the Clackamas River to provide electricity to the Portland Metro area. The pipe was de-watered after the Labor Day fires of 2020 due to extensive damages to the controlling facilities. This gave the team the opportunity to traverse into and through the pipe and collect data on damages that have happened in previous years. This particular section has been deformed by a landslide. It should be noted, all safety precautions were taken to enter the pipe. The Oregon Surveyor is a publication of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon (PLSO). It is provided as a medium for the expression of individual opinions concerning topics relating to the Land Surveying profession. Address changes & business All notifications for changes of address, membership inquiries, and PLSO business correspondence should be directed to Aimee McAuliffe, PO Box 230548, Tigard, OR 97281; 503-303-1472; Editorial matters & contributions of material The Oregon Surveyor welcomes your articles, comments, and photos for publication. PLSO assumes no responsibility for statements expressed in this publication. Editorial matters should be directed to Vanessa Salvia, Advertising policy Advertising content and materials are subject to approval of the PLSO Board and LLM Publications. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that simulates copy; material must be clearly marked as “Advertisement.” For advertising, contact: Ronnie Jacko,; 503-445-2234, 800-647-1511 x2234. A publication of the Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon Executive Secretary Aimee McAuliffe PO Box 230548 Tigard, OR 97281 503-303-1472 Toll-free: 844-284-5496 Published by LLM Publications 503-445-2220 • 800-647-1511 Advertising Ronnie Jacko, Design Jon Cannon © 2022 LLM Publications Editor Vanessa Salvia Publications Committee Tim Kent, Interim Chair Pat Gaylord Samantha Tanner Contents Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon @ORLandSurveyors The Oregon Vol. 45, No. 3 May/June 2022