PLSO The Oregon Surveyor May/June 2022

25 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | March 20–26 of 2022 was National Surveyors Week. March 21 honored Global Surveyors Day, and this year the United States, specifically the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), had the honor of naming the Global Surveyor of the Year. After consideration of two presidents and a poet, NSPS honored Benjamin Banneker with this title. Banneker rose to critical acclaim in the late 1700s as a largely self-taught astronomer, mathematician, clock maker, and surveyor. Banneker was a free black man in the 1700s, which brought even greater focus to his accomplishments during that period of our country’s history. The full citation of the 2022 Global Surveyor of the Year Recognition from NSPS reads as follows: “There is a phrase that gets repeated in many of the professional surveyor meetings and conferences: ‘It’s a great day to be a surveyor!’ And today is no exception. Every year on March 21, a professional surveying association is tasked with picking a Global Surveyor of the Year. For 2022, the National Society of Professional Surveyors has been selected to choose a person with a historical surveying background to be named with this prestigious honor. After thorough consideration, NSPS has chosen Benjamin Banneker for our selection as the 2022 Global Surveyor of the Year. This selection was brought before the NSPS Board of Directors during our Spring 2021 meeting and passed by a majority vote. While Banneker’s career as a surveyor was limited in time and experience, his additional contributions to math, science, astronomy, and publication of a Can you name the 2022 Global Surveyor of the Year? Question continues  Photo 1: The NSPS poster for Surveyors Week that includes Benjamin Banneker and his stamp. The Lost Surveyor