PLSO The Oregon Surveyor May/June 2022

5 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the PLSO Office remaining $5,161.24 will be deposited into the foundation account. The board will decide upon how outreach funding should be spent at a later meeting. PLSO is also still currently selling its t-shirts to raise funding for direct marketing the surveying profession to high schools. This may include streaming ads through appropriate social media channels for students, as well as informational programming intended for career centers and guidance counselors. T-shirts are $15 and may be found at Half of proceeds go towards these projects and the other half covers expenses. Jeremy Sherer still wants to get the PLSO Leadership Academy off the ground but needs a task force to help build curriculum. If you remember, in January, I said that if people don’t volunteer for projects, they won’t happen. This is one of those projects. The purpose of the Leadership Academy is to teach leadership qualities and skills that may transfer into PLSO volunteer leadership as well as assisting members in their career. It would be a benefit to individual members as well as the companies that employ them. Please consider lending your own experience and time (nomatter how small) tomake the project work for all of us. Contact Jeremy at jeremy.a.sherer@ for more information. As a reminder, themembership year runs July 1–June 30 each year. Unless you have renewed already through 2023, everyone will need to update their membership by July. While you are logged into and have your profile open, be sure to make sure you have it all updated to work for you. Things to verify: • Is your address, phone, and email set correctly? • If you changed companies this past year, have you made sure to list your new company? • Do you have the right chapter selected to receive communication from them regarding meetings and activities? • PLSO has two directories. Everyone is included in the member directory, located in the Members Only section of the website. If you want to be found and contacted by the public then you need to make sure you have the “yes” box checked under “Included in Public Find a Surveyor Directory?” • For those listed in the Find a Surveyor directory, do you have the proper “Searchable Services” boxes checked and the proper counties selected that you will work in? Not only do searching for surveyors use this feature to contact you, but I use it when people call in and ask for surveyor help and recommendations. As you can see, we have an exciting spring that will lead into the 2022–2023 membership year. I look forward to seeing you all continue to be involved in our community! 