PLSO The Oregon Surveyor May/June 2022

7 Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon | From the Publications Committee NSPS Spring Business Meeting 2023 This is where the national guidance for our profession happens. These meetings are chock-full of information concerning a variety of topics. Pat Gaylord is our NSPS representative. All of the committee reports and decisions are available on the NSPS website. I encourage you to review these and communicate with Pat of your concerns or support. As of this writing, the NSPS Student Competition is scheduled for this meeting. Discussions are scheduled whether to move this to the FIG meeting in May. Date: March 29–April 1 Location: Arlington, Virginia Information: FIG Working Week 2023 The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is a United Nations- and World Bank-recognised non-governmental international professional organization. FIG was founded in 1878 and represents national associations of surveying, cadastre, valuation, national mapping professionals, geospatial experts, and quantity surveyors working in both the public and private sectors, in the scientific, research, and academic community, as well as from technology innovators and industry from more than 120 countries around the world. The overall theme is “Protecting Our World, Conquering New Frontiers,” which refers to the importance of looking ahead and discovering what will be needed in the future for our profession and at the same time make sure to preserve what works well today. The FIG Working Week 2023 gives passionate professionals the opportunity to: • Learn globally—with participation from around 80–90 countries • Learn across silos, from other countries, industries, and professional roles—with sessions and representation from the broad range of surveyors and geo Date: May 28–June 1 Location: Orlando, Florida Information:  How to Send Us Your Work Please email the editor Vanessa Salvia with submissions. Your submission should be in .doc format. Please send images separately (not embedded in the document) and at the highest file size available (MB size range versus KB size range—larger sizes are encouraged). Please include the author’s name and email address or phone number for contact.