PRLA Restaurant & Lodging Matters Spring 2021

INDIVIDUAL & FAMILY HEALTH INSURANCE Your part-time and full-time teammembers can now access affordable personal health insurance. The Federal Government has extended the enrollment window for full-time and part-time individuals to obtain health insurance, providing greater access to lower premiums and nancial assistance. A ordable Care Act/Exchange plans cover pre-existing conditions along with a list of essential health bene ts. Through this program, your employees can: Individual & family plans require no employer participation or contributions. Please pass this opportunity on to your uninsured teammembers so they can participate by contacting (855) 868-9639 or Non-English Translation Assistance Available • Speak directly to licensed agents and receive quotes frommultiple insurance companies. • Access any qualifying federal subsidies as part of the enrollment process. • Immediately enroll in medical, dental, vision, life, disability and Medicare coverage programs.