PRLA Restaurant & Lodging Matters Spring 2022

12 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Spring 2022 LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. The ugly “Great Resignation.” American companies are facing the issue of how to retain employees and remain an attractive employer to today’s modern workforce. It’s a problem for all industries, but restaurants and hotels saw more of their workforce quit in February than employers did in virtually every other type of U.S. business. Six percent of the hospitality industry’s total labor force walked off the job. In all, 795,000 foodservice and lodging workers voluntarily left their positions (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). You don’t need any more scary statistics, because as an owner—you’re living it. We’re preaching to the choir here, so let’s just get down to it and talk solutions. How do you go about boosting employee retention? Your HR department (in many cases, you) should be developing solutions to help retain and attract employees. The two most actionable items for you are company culture and employee benefits. Turn the Great Resignation into the Greatest Retention By FocusHRO Use the issue at hand to talk to your employees about what they want out of their work. What are their needs, what is missing, what can be better? Have an open door communication policy that encourages new ideas. Perhaps develop an Employee Attitude Survey that addresses topics like: 9 Employee Satisfaction 9 Workplace Environment 9 Employee Compensation— Is it competitive with market data? 9 Communication 9 Mentoring 9 Teamwork 9 Professional Development Opportunities (Promotions) 9 Training opportunities 9 Benefits 9 Workplace Flexibility 9 Employee’s career plan 9 Source of employee’s stress This gives you a place to start. Identify some potential issues within your company culture, and make changes that create an environment that employees want to work in. Answers and solutions could vary greatly, don’t be afraid to get creative! COMPANY CULTURE