PRLA Restaurant & Lodging Matters Spring 2022

Spring 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 21 PRE-SHIFT Increasing margins starts before guests walk in your doors. You’ve got to meet them where they spend a good deal of their time—online. Here’s what you need. 9Google My Business. Restaurant queries are among the top 20 Google searches. SpotOn helps you get there by setting up (in minutes) and updating your Google My Business profile so customers can find you as soon as they get online. 9Online reservations. Most reservation systems take per-head fees. SpotOn connects reservations to your website for a flat monthly rate, and it allows guests to book a table right in Google seamlessly. 9Review management. 94% of diners decide where to eat through reviews. SpotOn brings together reviews from multiple platforms in one dashboard so you can monitor and manage them easily. DURING SERVICE Once guests step inside, technology can help increase revenue by turning tables faster, maximizing server time, and boosting the average ticket size. This is what you need. 9 Online ordering. Guests expect takeout and delivery ordering from their phones. With SpotOn, you can sidestep the 30%+ commission fees of third-party delivery apps with your own online ordering menu. 9 QR codes. These are back and even finding their way into fine-dining establishments. In 2021, restaurants using SpotOn QR experienced a 65% increase in revenue and a 7% increase in tips. 9 Handhelds. Serve more tables by minimizing the back-and-forth to place orders. Restaurants using SpotOn Serve handhelds saw check sizes go up by 16% and tips by 5%. 9 A digital waitlist. Boost efficiency, fill noshows, and limit crowds. With SpotOn Reserve, guests can add themselves to the waitlist online, see real-time wait times, and respond with two-way texting. 9Loyalty rewards. Proven for driving repeat business in counter-service establishments, SpotOn Loyalty helped restaurants see an average revenue increase of $650 on deal day. CLOSING After guests leave, technology can save time with automation and streamline operations with smarter data. Here’s how. 9Reporting data. Know your best-selling items, your busiest times, and your top employees through data. SpotOn Restaurant shows you the information you need with 75+ cloud-based reports with actionable insights on your entire operation. 9Labor management. Scheduling, payroll, tip pooling, and labor compliance are time-consuming. SpotOn’s POS integration with Dolce makes employees happy with faster tip payouts, shift trading, and more. When you work so hard, it can be discouraging to see how little of that effort shows up in your bottom line. That’s because hard work isn’t what’s missing. Hard work can’t cut third-party delivery fees. It can’t get your staff off the clock faster. And it can’t get food to your guests more efficiently. But technology can. And by implementing the right technology— combined with your hard work and passion—you can be well on the path to double-digit profit margins. To learn more, check out the SpotOn webpage on maximizing profits. •