PRLA Restaurant & Lodging Matters Winter 2022

Winter 2022

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4 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 INDUSTRY OUTLOOK IF YOU HAD asked me ten years ago what I would be doing today and I made a list of 1,000 things, being at the helm of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association would not have made the list. Through a series of unlikely events, I ended up here in Harrisburg as CEO of the PRLA about eight years ago, and for that, I am extremely grateful. I had been in our industry for 44 years prior to that and in leadership positions for over 40 years. In that time, I ran or helped to run large hotel, club, and restaurant companies. Through another odd sequence of events, I also ended up in elected office for nearly ten years before I retired as Mayor of Plano, Texas in 2000. While I have enjoyed every opportunity that life has brought, working with the team at PRLA and our industry leaders around the state has been the best of the best. This year during the current staffing crisis, Chairman Tom Neely is placing a focus on “changing the conversation.” It embraces 1) telling the story about how fulfilling it is to work in our industry and 2) encouraging all employers to adopt a great-place-to-work-culture. So why is it that I’ve enjoyed every job I’ve had? A small part of it may have to do with my cock-eyed optimism and positive outlook. But much more of it has to do with the bosses I’ve had over the years. I advise young people entering the workforce to choose their bosses carefully. Not only will that person impact the day-to-day joy in working, but they will ultimately be instrumental in helping fulfill long-term professional dreams. And most importantly, they will create (or not) the positive workplace culture that is critical to success in business. For the bosses out there, I could devote a book on how to do it well, but for today I’ll make the following suggestions: 1) Be a side-by-side leader; 2) Work to ensure that your team members can have a balance of life; 3) Lift others up— never bring them down; 4) Give credit and take blame; 5) Provide the resources your team members need to succeed and grow; 6) Get out of the way; and 7) Respect and love your team members. I recently announced my retirement from PRLA targeted to happen in July of this year and consequently this may be my last column. It has been my profound honor to represent our great industry across the commonwealth and beyond. I will never forget the friendships I have made along the way. And as for the future of PRLA, I believe we have the best team of any hospitality association in our country and a world class board of directors. I have no doubt that the next chapter of PRLA will be even better than the last. • John Longstreet PRLA PRESIDENT & CEO “While I have enjoyed every opportunity that life has brought, working with the team at PRLA and our industry leaders around the state has been the best of the best.”

6 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE Changing the Conversation I’M HONORED TO be taking the reins as PRLA’s 81st chairman of the board. I also am grateful to Bill Covaleski and Jim Fris who, in the early days of the pandemic, willingly and without hesitation stepped forward to remain in their leadership roles for two years. My primary goal for the year ahead is workforce development. We have long been saddled with staffing and employment concerns. Our industry needs to evolve and change the conversation around our workforce opportunities. As leaders in the industry, it is up to us to generate interest in working in our businesses. We need to engage with young people, particularly high school students and first-job employees, about the opportunities for career growth, development, and advancement. Individuals entering the hospitality industry workforce today have more opportunities for a career pathway with rapid advancement than ever before. But we need to overcome some obstacles of our own making. Over the years, our industry as garnered a largely negative reputation in the workforce. For too long and for too many of us, the industry has worn long hours as a badge of honor and tolerated poor company culture as the way it is. It’s time to shift our collective mindset to one that advocates for life balance, career opportunities, and positive environments. Industry reputation and workforce development go hand in hand. Many people left the industry during the pandemic because they had to, exacerbating an already tenuous staffing issue. To fill this void, we need more young people to be passionate about our industry, and that starts with building excitement and opportunity at the high school level. PRLA already offers two programs, ProStart and HTM, for high school curriculums but school districts only bring them in when there is enough interest by the students. I encourage our members to get involved to help generate interest in our industry. You can volunteer to sit on your school district’s occupational advisory councils or speak to students in hospitality clubs like DECA and FBLA, open your business for job tours or shadowing, or volunteer with ProStart, just to name a few ideas. PRLA has tools available to help you get started. Education is the long game but it’s a game we need to play to change the conversation and overcome staffing challenges. The trajectory for success is better today than ever before for young people entering the industry. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge is an investment in the future.” • As leaders in the industry, it is up to us to generate interest in working in our businesses. Tom Neely THOMAS A. STRAUSS INC. LANCASTER CHAPTER

8 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Keeping Your Business By FocusHRO IF YOU’RE LIKE most restaurants, you’re both living and working in a fast-past environment where there isn’t much time for the small details, if any. You deal with busy schedules, emergency situations, your staff, their schedules, your home life, and then some. Now COVID has added supply chain and employee shortages to your long list of “to-do’s”. In many cases, you may not even get to your inbox to check business and personal emails until late into the evening. Unfortunately, there are still things that need to be done before the new day begins, so you work into the night to make sure items are completed to ensure the business runs smoothly. Does this sound like you? How long can you continue to operate this way? Staying busy can be a great problem to have, but if you don’t have the time to manage important HR items in-house, then consider the options available to you through a third party to remove this headache. These options include selling to a larger entity (acquisition), joining a PEO, or hiring an HRO to outsource the responsibility. Each option is designed to help you with the insurances, HR, payroll, and compliance aspect of your business— but an HRO provides the most flexibility along with that support. A Day in the Life of the HRO Client The HRO model is designed for the owner that wants to stay the owner. It is a service that removes much of the administrative burden and time involved so that owners can be more invested in their company, their employees, their culture, and their customers. The benefits to using an HRO firm can be best explained through the lifecycle of an The Benefit of Outsourcing Human Resources

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 9 PRLA has partnered with FocusHRO, and we’re ready to learn how we can help you today! Insurances for both your employees and for your business, we’re here to assist you with all things HR. Visit to get started. Annual Conference & Awards Gala 2022 SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 12-13 THE HOTEL HERSHEY **NEW THIS YEAR** GOLF CLASSIC SEPT. 12 SPIRIT OF HOSPITALITY AWARDS GALA SEPT. 12 SPEAKERS & SESSIONS SEPT. 12-13 VISIT PRLA.ORG/FALLCONFERENCE FOR UPDATES ON LOCATION & SESSIONS. employee. Consider the following, and put yourself in the shoes of the owner or person that would need to manage this entire process: • Recruiting/Onboarding—first you need to find the right person for your team. Someone to help you get the word out, file through the scores of resumes, and only send you those candidates that meet your qualifications. Then it’s onboarding. I9, W4, reviewing the handbook, tobacco policy, drug policy, every other policy, benefits explanations, waiting periods, elections, questions… That’s right, you never have to deal with any of this—you’re still working with your team, serving your customers, and making your business money. • Payroll—likely using the payroll system to onboard, the employee’s info is all in the system and verified— benefit elections have been entered— deductions are confirmed. These deductions are often missed when the insurance broker has to tell the owner what the deductions are, and then the owner has to tell the payroll team. Instead, the HRO manages this all at once. The only time the owner is needed is to read the confirmation. • Benefit-Administration—congrats— your employee just had a baby, but now we’ve got to make sure the baby is covered on the insurance. No more chasing employees or paperwork—the employee calls HRO directly, and the owner is notified after everything is completed successfully. As you can see, utilizing the right HRO can free up significant time, not to mention ensuring these important responsibilities are being managed by qualified people. Employees are properly onboarded, benefits are properly communicated and enrolled, and payroll deductions match. This is the way it should be—easy. You won’t find yourself in a co-employment contract requiring your team to take benefits you didn’t pick or have to relearn a new company culture due to being acquired. Your employees won’t have to pick benefits that will likely not be to par when compared to the local insurance options. And most importantly, you will be freed up to reengage and take your company to the next level, just as you had envisioned before getting bogged down in all of the administrative work. •

10 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Employer Survey A recent report by Wells Fargo economists found that access to child care has been shown to boost labor force participation among mothers. For employers struggling to find workers, improving child care options for parents means a larger and more experienced workforce to draw upon. PRLA has partnered with Start Strong PA to learn more about how access to child care is specifically impacting hospitality sector employers and employees. We’ve created an Employer Survey to understand how access to child care is impacting operators’ recruiting and retention efforts. This survey is for any owner/ operator/general manager of a hospitality business. The Employee Survey is meant to be shared with all employees so that we can learn more about their experiences balancing work and life when it comes to child care. The results of both surveys will be anonymized and used to encourage more investment in child care programs so that parents can re-enter the workforce. • Access to Child Care Survey Employee Survey 

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 11 APRIL 4/5 Philadelphia 4/6 Lancaster 4/11 New Castle 4/12 Pittsburgh 4/18 Harrisburg 4/25 State College 4/27 York MAY 5/2 Philadelphia 5/3 Lancaster 5/9 Pittsburgh 5/11 Harrisburg 5/16 Allentown 5/17 Wilkes-Barre 5/23 Erie 5/24 Monroeville 5/31 Uniontown JUNE 6/6 Philadelphia 6/7 Lancaster 6/8 Pittsburgh 6/13 Altoona 6/20 Harrisburg 6/22 Washington 6/23 York 6/28 Scranton 2022 Upcoming Classes JULY 7/6 Lancaster 7/7 Philadelphia 7/7 Pittsburgh 7/18 Greensburg 7/18 Harrisburg 7/19 State College AUGUST 8/1 Philadelphia 8/2 Lancaster 8/8 Allentown 8/9 Pittsburgh 8/10 Erie 8/17 New Castle 8/22 Harrisburg 8/30 York 8/31 Philadelphia SEPTEMBER 9/1 Lancaster 9/6 Pittsburgh 9/12 Wilkes-Barre 9/19 Harrisburg 9/20 Scranton 9/21 Uniontown 9/26 Monroeville CLASS OPTIONS AND PRICING Classes start at 8 a.m. ServSafe® Manager Book via Priority Mail, Study Portal Access, Live Class, & Written Exam at class ($155 plus S&H) ServSafe® Manager Book via Priority Mail, Study Portal Access, Live Class, & Online Exam at class ($165 plus S&H) ServSafe® Manager Online Class, & Online Exam at class ($185 plus S&H) Exam Only No class or training materials ($99) Retesting ($55) REGISTER (800) 345-5353 GIVING BACK PRLA ServSafe profits are reinvested in industry education, outreach and advocacy programs. Support your industry. *Philadelphia Department of Health regulations require class time for certification. NOTE: Class materials will not be sent until payment has been received for class.

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Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 13 Hear from nationally recognized speakers on topics that will help you elevate your leadership and communication skills. Speakers Meridith Elliott Powell Thrive: Turning Uncertainty to Competitive Advantage Back by popular demand, Meridith walks you through the steps you need to strategically move forward, proactively prepare for disruptions, standout from the competition, and dominate your marketplace. Jeff Butler Building an Effective Multi-Generational Workplace The age difference in the workplace has hidden potential that few leaders are aware of. Through this program, Jeff will help you learn how organizations across various industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce, and how yours can too. Rachel DeAlto Employee Engagement: Inspiring a Relatable Workplace Engaging and connecting a far-flung workforce is on the top of every company’s to-do list. Or, at least, it should be. Rachel DeAlto is showing leaders around the country how to create workplace cultures that engage, collaborate, and thrive—on every level. INSPIRE. THRIVE. COMPETE. PRLA Leadership Forum June 6–7, 2022 • Lancaster Continue your leadership journey or help top talent on your team start theirs at the 2022 PRLA Leadership Forum.

14 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Hotel Employee Rate PRLA RECENTLY PARTNERED with Hotel Employee Rate, the global hotel employee travel program. This program was created to offer hoteliers the fundamental benefit of hotel employee rate travel on a global scale. PRLA hotel members receive preferred membership including complimentary enrollment in the first year when registering for the program at Rates offered in the program are 100% unpublished and opaque, ensuring the hotel’s rate integrity and rate parity. Hotels that participate can add their employees to the program. In turn, your employees can add up to 10 of their friends and family members to the program to book hotel employee rates at over 2,000 hotels and resorts in key destinations all over the world. • Member Benefit

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 15 Have a story to share? Email Submit Story a

16 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Legislative Priorities 2022 Alcohol Service Priorities • Increase the licensee discount from 10 percent to 15 percent • Support efforts to privatize the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania ◊ Current proposal calls for a constitutional amendment that would privatize Pennsylvania’s liquor sales • Support legislation allowing the sale of ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) by licensees ◊ Allow them to be sold in restaurants and distributors ◊ Provision is currently attached to legislation to allow licenses not receiving a bid during the current auction process to be auctioned off statewide • Increase statewide tourism marketing funding to $20 million ◊ Additionally, create a $15 million grant program for destination marketing organizations ◊ Update Competitive Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Tourism Budget study • Advocate for Tourism Improvement District enabling legislation ◊ Broad TID legislation that could be used throughout the state that would allow for an assessment on lodging businesses to increase revenue to DMOs • Push for a uniform Post-Labor Day school start to help bolster state tourism and youth employment • Update the 2015-16 PRLA-sponsored Statewide Tourism Marketing budget study • Short-term Rental tax compliance ◊ Legislation requiring online home sharing companies to register and share listing information with the Department of Revenue, which the Department can share with counties for enforcement Lodging & Tourism Priorities Government Affairs Priorities • Expand COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP) • Push to allow association health plans in Pennsylvania ◊ Permit the marketing of association health plans, which would allow small businesses to offer affordable and competitive health benefits • Advocate for the relief of excessive unemployment charges, which have occurred as a result of employee layoffs caused by government-mandated restrictions Exploratory Tasks • Form group to explore strategies for enacting a uniform Post-Labor Day school start • Continue advocating for making mixed drinks to-go permanent • Explore expansion of delivery options • Involve PRLA in discussion about legalizing adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania so any action benefits our industry • Explore legislation that would authorize use of food assistance money being spent at foodservice establishments • Evaluate viability of a statewide third-party delivery fee cap Contact Lauren Brinjac Senior Director of Government Affairs (717) 963-8371 Zak Pyzik Director of Government Affairs (717) 963-8366

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 17 LEGAL DOCKET The Attorney ask Rachel M. Wolf SHUMAKER WILLIAMS, P.C. General Counsel, Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association 4 Keys to Protecting Your Registered Trademark BRANDING AND BRAND protection is an ongoing investment. We highlight the following four ways to make sure your trademark is protected after it is approved for registration by the USPTO. 1. Use it or lose it. Trademark owners must make sure their registered trademarks are in use continuously with the goods or services listed in the application or risk abandonment or cancellation of the registration. Nonuse for three consecutive years creates a presumption of abandonment, making it difficult to demonstrate intent to resume use. If the trademark is not being used or is now being used with different goods or services, the registration may be in jeopardy. There are circumstances that will excuse periods of nonuse, but acceptable excuses are limited even if a business fully intends to use the mark again in the future. Fortunately, however, businesses directly impacted by COVID-19 may be allowed a temporary excuse from nonuse of a trademark. Under such circumstances, a trademark maintenance declaration (see below) will need to include an explanation of how COVID-19 has affected the business and caused a temporary gap in using the trademark. 2.Maintain it. Trademark owners must maintain their registration with the USPTO by periodically filing required declarations and renewals. An initial declaration of use (or excusable nonuse) is required between the 5th and 6th year of registration. The declaration of use is required again before the end of the 10th year of registration and then every 10 years after that along with the renewal of the trademark registration. Be proactive about tracking these deadlines or risk cancellation of the registration. The USPTO will send a courtesy email one year prior to the filing deadline, which is the earliest date that the declaration can be filed. At a minimum, make sure you provided a valid email address to the USPTO and authorized email communication. No reminders will be sent by regular mail, and no follow-up emails will be attempted for undeliverable emails. If you receive something in the mail that looks like an invoice for a post-registration filing or renewal, beware: it may be a worthless solicitation or a scam. 3. Enforce it. Trademark owners should always be on the lookout for infringing use and take appropriate steps in response. Don’t sit on your hands if you notice your mark or a very similar mark being used by a competitor. Any infringement should be evaluated for response, no matter how small. It’s much easier to bring someone’s intentional or unintentional use of your mark to a halt when the infringing use first starts. Delaying enforcement weakens your position and may give your competitor valuable defenses, such as “laches”—an equitable doctrine that could give an infringer the right to use the mark because you waited too long to enforce it. In addition, the USPTO may approve a mark for registration that you might think is similar to your registered mark. You can employ the use of a trademark application monitoring service that will alert you if an application for a potentially infringing mark has been filed, which gives you the opportunity to oppose the registration. 4. Don’t change it. Over time you may want to update your trademark as your brand evolves. The general rule: you can’t alter the mark if the change results in a material alteration from the mark as registered. A modification of a mark that creates a different commercial impression is not permitted and could jeopardize the registration. The USPTO has found that changes in punctuation or spacing, such as the addition of a question mark, or deleting a space between two terms to create one single term, are material alterations that could cause the mark to be cancelled. Carefully review all proposed changes to your mark to determine whether it retains the same commercial impression, or whether you should apply to register it as a new mark with the USPTO. •

18 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 EDUCATION & TRAINING STUDENTS FROM MEADVILLE AND HERSHEY TO ADVANCE TO NATIONAL INVITATIONAL THIS FEBRUARY, 65 students from 12 high schools won top honors in culinary and management categories at the 8th Annual Pennsylvania ProStart Competition hosted by PRLA, the statewide association which strives to promote, protect, educate and improve the hospitality and tourism industries. The statewide competition was held on February 23, 2022, at the Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel and sponsored by Marriott International, Curtze Food Service, Hershey, PennState School of Hospitality Management, and more. The first-place winners in each category will advance to the National ProStart Student Invitational in Washington, DC on May 6–8. Competition results for the 2022 management category are Crawford County CTC in first place, Milton Hershey School came in second, and winning third place is Bethlehem AVTS. The winning restaurant concept was inspired by Aristotle: a free-standing and elemental-themed restaurant designed to send guests into the mind of Aristotle himself with engaging scenery and new terrestrial cuisine that has the elements of fire, earth, water, and air incorporated into each dish. Milton Hershey School won top honors in the 2022 culinary category while Bethlehem AVTS came in second. Monroe CTI (Armstrong) received honors for third place. The winning threecourse meal consisted of a chilled seafood sausage salad, smoked lamb chop with apricot-maple glaze entree, and a porcini chocolate almond torte for dessert. “We are thrilled to see the level of professionalism of the students and to host another year of Pennsylvania ProStart Competition,” said Hope Sterner, Director of Education for PRLA. “Through ProStart, we’re working to fulfill a goal of growing the next generation of hospitality leaders and are so excited to see the number of participants increase each year.” Teams from Crawford County CTC and Milton Hershey School will represent Pennsylvania at the National ProStart Student Invitational which will be held from May 6–8, 2022 in Washington, DC. Over 400 students from high schools and vocational centers High School Students from Crawford County CTC and Milton Hershey School Win ProStart Competition Hosted by PRLA Milton Hershey School

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 19 PA ProStart Educator of the Year across the country will compete to win more than a combined $1 million in scholarships, awarded to the top five teams. ProStart is a nationally accredited two-year program for high school students to create the next generation of hospitality industry leaders. With programs that garner skills ranging from culinary technique to management abilities, ProStart’s curriculum offers real-life experience opportunities and creates a foundation of useful skills that last a lifetime. ProStart aims to serve all communities, including rural, inner-city, and Department of Defense institutions globally. Taken as an elective track offered in high schools, and technical and vocational centers, ProStart teaches all facets of the industry, with educators ranging from family and consumer science educators to former professional chefs. • Crawford County CTC THE PROSTART EDUCATOR of Excellence Awards recognize educators who demonstrate excellence in the classroom and passion, commitment, and creativity in all aspects of the ProStart program. At the 2022 PA ProStart Student Invitational, Dan Wagner, the culinary arts instructor at the Greene County Career & Technology Center, was named the Pennsylvania ProStart Educator of the Year. Dan consistently demonstrates his passion and commitment to his students and program by providing opportunities to expand their perspective and gain unique experiences. His motto of “just ask” has led his students to participating in five Presidential Inaugurations (41–45), the Senior PGA Championship Golf Tournament, catered events for Pennsylvania governors and senators, internships at the Trump International Hotel in DC, and numerous community events and service programs. Dan sets high standards for his students and helps them work to achieve those results. The pride, enthusiasm, and dedication his students put forth is learned from his leadership and dedication to them. Dan will join the state winners from around the country to make up the pool of nominees for the James H. Maynard Excellence in Education Award, which will be awarded at the National ProStart Student Invitational on May 6–8 in Washington, DC. Dan Wagner, Culinary Arts Instructor Greene County Career & Technology Center

20 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 21 “Business owners are being challenged to do more with less. SpotOn technology is helping owners meet those challenges head-on; from shrinking budgets to labor concerns and the residual effects of a nearly two-year pandemic.”

22 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Allied ASCAP Nashville, TN Blue Ridge National Broomall, PA Creative Cuisine Specialty Food Sales LLC Dallas, PA Fastest Feedback Lancaster, PA Fastest Feedback Meadville, PA Giordano’s Garden Groceries Philadelphia, PA Penn Center Systems Mechanicsburg, PA SpotOn San Francisco, CA SVN Imperial Realty — Restaurant/ Hotel Broker Allentown, PA Toast Boston, MA Institution Crop & Kettle Ambridge Franklin Towne Charter School Philadelphia West Chester Business Improvement District West Chester Lodging Courtyard by Marriott Philadelphia City Avenue Philadelphia Element Philadelphia Philadelphia Forney House Bed & Breakfast Hanover Hampton Inn Philadelphia Center CityConvention Center Philadelphia Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Lancaster Lancaster Home2 Suites Ephrata Ephrata Home2 Suites/TRU by Hilton Easton Easton Homewood Suites by Hilton University City Philadelphia Philadelphia Homewood Suites Carlisle Carlisle Logan Inn New Hope Residence Inn Philadelphia/ Conshohocken Conshohocken Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia W Philadelphia Philadelphia Restaurant 28 Bridges Brewery/Pittsburgh Bottleshop Bridgeville Bankroll Philadelphia Bistro Philadelphia Bistro on Lincoln Coatesville Brandywine Catering Chadds Ford Concordville Inn Glen Mills Cousin’s Pub Shoemakersville Dolce Philadelphia Duffer’s Tavern Glen Mills Eatery by Fabio Viviani Washington Eintracht Singing Society New Castle Fava Ristorante Italiano Glen Mills Ferry + Main at Logan Inn New Hope Fox & Son Fair Foods Philadelphia Goat’s Beard (Manayunk) Philadelphia Grace Restaurant at the Carnegie House State College Hawthorne’s Beer Cafe Philadelphia Holcomb’s Lighthouse Inn LLC Wyoming International Bar Philadelphia Johnny Brenda’s Philadelphia Juno Philadelphia Kalaya Philadelphia KPod Philadelphia Lacroix Philadelphia Laser Wolf Philadelphia Leiby’s Ice Cream House & Restaurant Tamaqua Living Room Philadelphia LMNO Philadelphia Lola’s Garden Ardmore Mazza Vineyards Inc. Manheim Mendenhall Inn Mendenhall Mink’s Signature Foods and Desserts LLC Bear, DE Morris Brothers Investments LLC Media Over the Bar Cafe (North Park) Allison Park Over the Bar Cafe (South Side) Pittsburgh PA House Hellertown Parlay Lounge Washington Penn Brewery — Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh Penn Oaks Golf Club West Chester Pica’s Restaurant — West Chester West Chester Pub Trackside Washington Pymatuning Pizza Linesville Scarpetta Philadelphia Siamsa Irish Pub Stroudsburg Spread Bagelry Philadelphia St. Mary’s Auditorium Association Erie Stadium Pub & Grille Johnstown Standard Tap Philadelphia Stina Philadelphia Suburban Brewing Company Honey Brook Suburban Restaurant and Beer Garden Exton Tony’s Mining Co. Cornwall Tupelo Honey Pittsburgh Vineyard Restaurant Bethlehem W Tavern 19090 Willow Grove Wet Bar Philadelphia Other Food Safety PA Archbald Jonathan Snavely Hershey Stumpy’s Hatchet House Lancaster

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 23 Campground Adventure Bound Camping Resort Oak Creek Narvon Adventure Bound Camping Resort Shenango Valley Transfer Allegheny River Campground Roulette Appalachian RV Resort Shartlesville Artillery Ridge Campground & Gettysburg Horse Park Gettysburg Austin Campground Austin Beacon Hill Camping Intercourse Bear Run Campground Portersville Beaver Valley Family Campground Ottsville Bellefonte/State College KOA Campground Bellefonte Ben Franklin RV Park York Benner’s Meadow Run Camping & Cabins Farmington Birchview Farm Campground Coatesville Blue Rocks Family Campground Lenhartsville Boulder Woods Campground Green Lane Brandywine Creek Campground Lyndell Buttercup Woodlands Campground Renfrew Buttonwood Campground Mexico Camp Out Mt. Nebo East Stroudsburg Camp Wilhelm Campground Clarks Mills Camp-A-While Hegins Campers Paradise Campground & Cabins Sigel Campground Island Dover Canyon Country Campground Wellsboro Cedar Lake Campground Dover Chestnut Lake Campground Brodheadsville Choice Camping Court Manns Choice Christmas Pines Campground Auburn Circle M RV Resort Lancaster Clayton Park RV Escape Lake Ariel Cocalico Creek Campground Denver Colonial Woods Family Camp Resort Upper Black Eddy Colors of the Forest RV Resort & Campground Clarington Country Acres Family Campground Gordonville Cozy Creek Family Campground Tunkhannock Crooked Creek Campground Gaines Crystal Springs Campground Linesville Curwensville Lake Recreation Area Curwensville Deer Meadow Campground Cooksburg Deer Run Camping Resort Gardners Delaware Water Gap/Pocono Mountain KOA East Stroudsburg Dogwood Acres Campground Newville Don Laine Campground Palmerton Driftstone Campground Mount Bethel Drummer Boy Camping Resort Gettysburg Dutch Cousin Campground Denver Echo Valley Campground Inc. Tremont Elizabethtown/ Hershey KOA Elizabethtown Erie KOA Kampgrounds Mc Kean Evergreen Lake Campground Bath Family Affair Campground North East Farma Family Campground Greenville Ferryboat Campsites Harrisburg Flory’s Cottages and Camping Ronks Folly’s End Campground Girard Forest Ridge Cabins & Campgrounds Marienville Four Seasons Campgrounds Inc. Scotrun Friendship Village Campground Bedford Gettysburg/ Battlefield KOA Campground Gettysburg Gettysburg Battlefield Resort Gettysburg Gettysburg Campground Gettysburg Gettysburg Farm RV Resort Dover Goddard Park Vacationland Campground Sandy Lake Granite Hill Camping Resort Gettysburg Haleeka Campsites Cogan Station Happy Acres Resort Waterville Harrisburg East Campground Lemoyne Harts Content Campground Beaver Falls Hemlock Campground & Cottages Tobyhanna Hemlock Campground of Potter County Brogue Heritage Cove Resort Saxton Hershey Road Campground Glenmoore Hershey RV and Camping Resort Lebanon Hickory Hollow Campground Rockwood Hickory Lake Campground Bangor In November 2021, the PRLA and PA Campground Association entered into a limited membership agreement. All PCOA members are now provided a limited affiliate campground membership in PRLA, which gives them access to PRLA information and events. Welcome! 

24 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Campground, cont. Hickory Run Family Campground Denver Hidden Acres Campground Coatesville Hidden Creek Campground Allenwood Hidden Springs Campground Clearville Hidden Valley Camping Resort Mifflinburg Highland Campground Dalton Holiday Pines Campground Loganton Homestead Campground Green Lane Honesdale/ Pocono KOA Honesdale Indian Brave Campground Harmony Indian Head Campground Bloomsburg Ironwood Point Recreation Area Greentown Jonestown AOK Campground Annville Jonestown/ Hershey NE KOA Jonestown Kalyumet Camping & Cabins Lucinda Keen Lake Camping & Cottage Resort Waymart Kittatinny River Beach Campsites Milford Knoebels Amusement Resort & Campground Elysburg L&M Campground LLC Butler Lake Arthur Family Campground Slippery Rock Lake In Wood Camping Resort Narvon Lake Moc-A-Tek Campground Lake Ariel Lake Raystown Family Camping Huntingdon Lake Raystown Resort – An RVC Outdoor Destination Entriken Lakewood Park Campground Barnesville Laurel Lake Campsites New Ringgold Lazy-K Campground Inc. Bechtelsville Lehigh Gorge Campground White Haven Little Mexico Campground Winfield Little Red Barn Campgrounds Quakertown Lizard Creek Campground Lehighton Lost Mountain Campground Rockwood Madison/ Pittsburgh KOA Ruffs Dale Meadow Lake Campground Jamestown Meadville KOA Campground Meadville Mercer/Grove City KOA Mercer Mill Bridge Camp Resort Ronks Mirror Lake Campground New Florence Montrose Campground Inc. New Milford Mount Pocono Campground Mount Pocono Mountain Creek Campground Gardners Mountain Pines Campground Champion Mountain Springs Camping Resort Shartlesville Nature’s Getaway RV Park Schellsburg Nautical Mile Marina & Campground Templeton Newburg Family Campground Huntingdon Oil Creek Family Campground Rouseville Old Mill Stream Campground Lancaster Old Sawmill Campground Winfield Olde Forge Campground Holtwood Oma’s Family Campground Kirkwood Otter Creek Campground Airville Otter Lake Camp Resort Marshalls Creek PA Dutch Country RV Resort Manheim Paradise Stream Family Campground Loysville Peaceful Valley Campground West Sunbury Penn Avon Campground LLC Selinsgrove Pequea Creek Campground Pequea Pettecote Junction Campground Cedar Run Philadelphia/West Chester KOA Unionville Pinch Pond Family Campground Manheim Pine Cove Beach Club & RV Resort Charleroi Pine Cradle Lake Campground Ulster Pine Hill RV Park Kutztown Pine Lane Campground Sarver Pine Ridge Campground Biglerville Pineview Camplands Linesville Pioneer Campground Laporte Pioneer Park Campground Somerset Pleasant Hills Campground Hesston Pocono Vacation Park Stroudsburg Presque Isle Passage RV Park & Cabin Rentals Fairview Quakerwoods Campground Quakertown Red Oak Campground Russell Red Ridge Lake Campground Inc. Zion Grove Red Run Campground New Holland Ringing Rocks Campground Upper Black Eddy River Pointe Campground & Marina Etters WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

Winter 2022 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • 25 Riverside Acres Campground Towanda Riverside Campground LLC Montgomery Robin Hill Campground Lenhartsville Rocky Springs Campground Mercer Rose Point Park Cabins & Camping New Castle Rosemount Camping Resort Tamaqua Round Top Campground Gettysburg Rustic Acres RV Resort & Campgrounds Shippenville RV Village Camping Resort Mercer Sara’s Campground Erie Saunderosa Park Inc. Mercersburg Scotrun RV Resort Scotrun Secluded Acres Campground Lake Ariel Shady Acres Campground Mount Bethel Shady Brook Campground & Boat Rental Beavertown Shady Grove Campground Denver Shady Oaks Family Campground Newmanstown Sheshequin Campground Trout Run Shore Forest Campground Hop Bottom Silver Canoe Campground Rural Valley Silver Valley Campsites Saylorsburg Slumber Valley Campground Meshoppen Snyder’s Family Campground Gaines Soaring Eagle Campground & The Inn at Kellam’s Bridge Equinunk Splash Magic Campground Northumberland Spring Gulch RV Resort New Holland Starlite Camping Resort Stevens Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground Northumberland Stony Fork Creek Campground Wellsboro Stony Mountain Family Campground Tunkhannock StonyBrook RV Resort Lehighton Sun Valley RV Campground Narvon Sunny Rest Resort Palmerton Sunsational Family Campground Millmont Tanglewood Camping Covington The Loose Caboose Campground Kinzers Timothy Lake North RV Resort East Stroudsburg Timothy Lake South RV Resort East Stroudsburg Tohickon Family Campground Dillsburg Tucquan Park Family Campground Holtwood Twin Bridge Campground Chambersburg Twin Streams Campground LP Morris Uniontown KOA at River’s Edge Connellsville Valleyview Farm & Campground Waymart Virginia’s Beach Campground North Springfield Walmar Manor Campground Dillsburg WaterSide Campground & RV Park Lewistown Western Village RV Park Inc. Harrisburg Wheel-In Campground Shelocta Whispering Pines Camping Estates Stillwater Whispering Winds Campground & Cabins Sheffield White Oak Campground Strasburg White’s Haven Campground & Cabins Clarington Wildwood RV Resort East Waterford Williamsport South/Nittany Mountain KOA New Columbia Wilsonville Recreation Area Hawley Wolfs Camping Resort Knox Woodland Campground Woodland Wright’s Orchard Station Campground Duncansville Ye Olde Mill Campground Burnt Cabins Yellow Creek Campground Penn Run Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park at Kozy Rest Harrisville Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort at Milton PA Milton Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park PA Wilds Mansfield Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park – Lanc S/Quarryville Quarryville Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park – Mill Run Mill Run

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