PRLA Restaurant & Lodging Matters Winter 2022

16 • PENNSYLVANIA RESTAURANT & LODGING matters • Winter 2022 Legislative Priorities 2022 Alcohol Service Priorities • Increase the licensee discount from 10 percent to 15 percent • Support efforts to privatize the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Pennsylvania ◊ Current proposal calls for a constitutional amendment that would privatize Pennsylvania’s liquor sales • Support legislation allowing the sale of ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) by licensees ◊ Allow them to be sold in restaurants and distributors ◊ Provision is currently attached to legislation to allow licenses not receiving a bid during the current auction process to be auctioned off statewide • Increase statewide tourism marketing funding to $20 million ◊ Additionally, create a $15 million grant program for destination marketing organizations ◊ Update Competitive Analysis of Pennsylvania’s Tourism Budget study • Advocate for Tourism Improvement District enabling legislation ◊ Broad TID legislation that could be used throughout the state that would allow for an assessment on lodging businesses to increase revenue to DMOs • Push for a uniform Post-Labor Day school start to help bolster state tourism and youth employment • Update the 2015-16 PRLA-sponsored Statewide Tourism Marketing budget study • Short-term Rental tax compliance ◊ Legislation requiring online home sharing companies to register and share listing information with the Department of Revenue, which the Department can share with counties for enforcement Lodging & Tourism Priorities Government Affairs Priorities • Expand COVID-19 Hospitality Industry Recovery Program (CHIRP) • Push to allow association health plans in Pennsylvania ◊ Permit the marketing of association health plans, which would allow small businesses to offer affordable and competitive health benefits • Advocate for the relief of excessive unemployment charges, which have occurred as a result of employee layoffs caused by government-mandated restrictions Exploratory Tasks • Form group to explore strategies for enacting a uniform Post-Labor Day school start • Continue advocating for making mixed drinks to-go permanent • Explore expansion of delivery options • Involve PRLA in discussion about legalizing adult-use cannabis in Pennsylvania so any action benefits our industry • Explore legislation that would authorize use of food assistance money being spent at foodservice establishments • Evaluate viability of a statewide third-party delivery fee cap Contact Lauren Brinjac Senior Director of Government Affairs (717) 963-8371 Zak Pyzik Director of Government Affairs (717) 963-8366