VAA Annual Report 2022

Did you blink? If you did, you missed it! 2022 came and went like a flash. In a year that returned to “normal” (whatever that means), 2022 passed by very quickly for your association. We provided technical assistance, training, events, receptions, and lobbying. The last activity – lobbying, was new to VAA and especially to me. As I told members and others, “this is a new sandbox, and I don’t seem to have the right toys.” Lobbying took a considerable amount of my time in 2022, and I’m afraid I tested the patience of many by asking a constant stream of questions, attempting to “gather those toys.” Fortunately, we have great representatives in Richmond and many members/peers willing to help me learn. By the end of December, I am happy to report that the plans for 2022 were accomplished. As you read through this report, take note of the numbers. Look at the growth of the association. Look at the number of credentials issued through VECAT. Look at the attendance at VAA events. Even with the tanking of the stock market, look at the fiscal strength of the association. While I am proud of these numbers, they are not a result of a single person. The VAA Board of Directors provided strategic leadership and governance. VAA members came together to support events and meetings. They volunteered as instructors at training classes and attracted new members to the family. VAA joined other associations and entities to support the establishment of the Virginia Infrastructure Academy to address the workforce shortage. So, as you review the 2022 VAA Annual Report, make sure you pat yourself on the back. Many reading this report were instrumental in the outcomes either directly or indirectly. Many more benefit from the association’s activities. With the ongoing efforts of the Vision 2030 Implementation Team, numerous opportunities to contribute will be available. If you are active in the association, I hope you stay active. If you want to be engaged, reach out to us, and we will get you plugged in. As the idiom goes, “Come on in, the water’s fine!” 2022 BY THE NUMBERS PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE ASSOCIATION RESERVES CONTINUE TO SUPPORT MEMBER-DRIVEN INITIATIVES CREDENTIALS ISSUED THROUGH VECAT AWARDED IN SCHOLARSHIPS / MEMBERS IN THE VAA FAMILY Producer, Associate Contractor, and Affiliate ATTENDEES AT VAA SPONSORED AND CO-SPONSORED EVENTS Annual Meeting, Regional Seminars, MAAE, Discussion with the Department, Receptions, Back to Basics Workshop, Legal Issues Webinar, Etc. VECAT Classes and BMD Certification Classes RJS SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS Page 1 1.4 MILLION 1450 1600 131 $65,000 / 13