VAA Virginia Asphalt Fall/Winter 2022

VAASPHALT.ORG 17 THE AWARD-WINNING US460 APPOMATTOX BYPASS incorporating a shuttle buggy to achieve the smoothest ride possible on the first lift, there was significant movement of the mat on the rubblized material. While this did not negatively impact density, it significantly impacted ride. Boxley Paving Superintendent Jerome Christian was confident his team could achieve low International Roughness Index (IRI) numbers with two lifts remaining to complete—and they did just that. The ride was significantly improved after the IM-19.0D installation and set up well for the final lift of SM-12.5D. Christian’s crew achieved final average IRI numbers of 60.4 and 58.5 on the two 2.6mile lanes, earning a rideability bonus for both. In total, Boxley shipped and laid 33,000 tons of warm-mix asphalt for the project. This included roughly 17,000 tons of BM-25.0D+0.8, 8,000 tons of IM-19.0D and 7,900 tons of SM-12.5D. Boxley transported all of this material over fifteen miles to the site from their Lynchburg plant, near Liberty University. The Appomattox Bypass project on Route 460 would go on to win the VDOT Lynchburg District Construction Paving Award and be named the VDOT Statewide Construction runner-up for 2017. The hard work and collaboration between VDOT and Boxley personnel was a testament to the industry. As Summit Materials’ Vice President of Asphalt and Construction Charles Craddock stated, “The uniqueness of this project made it enjoyable. We encountered some unusual circumstances that provided opportunities to partner with VDOT and our subcontractors to deliver an excellent project on time and within budget.” Not only has this project earned VDOT their first Perpetual Paving Award: By Conversion, but it will also serve the community for decades to come.