VAA Virginia Asphalt Fall/Winter 2022

20 FALL /WINTER 2022 PAVEMENT DESIGN: A CONSIDERED Trenton M. Clark, PE, President, Virginia Asphalt Association Before we begin, I want to make a few things clear. First, this review is based on my experience and opinion, and I do not speak for the Virginia Asphalt Association. Secondly, though this has been my career since 1993, I’ve never formally studied Pavement Design. There was a class offered my senior year at Virginia Tech, and would have made for a helpful elective, but the professor was the new guy—Dr. Imad Al-Qadi from Penn State—and I heard he was tough. So, like a fool, I took Finite Element Methods instead. Live and learn. (On a personal note, I consider Imad a dear friend and mentor in this industry, and you’ll see him mentioned numerous times throughout the following pages.) It was not until the early 2000s that the late Dr. Lynne Irwin took the time to teach me mechanistic-empirical pavement design. Once a week over a series of months, he gave virtual lectures, homework and discussion to help me understand M-E pavement design. Philosophy