VAA Virginia Asphalt Spring/Summer 2022

VAASPHALT.ORG 31 CONTRACTOR MEMBER SPOTLIGHTS Bizzack Construction LLC J.C. Joyce Trucking & Paving Co., Inc. Bizzack Construction LLC is headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, with local operations in Lebanon, Virginia. Bizzack Construction and its predecessors have worked since 1958 in the heavy/highway industry and currently work in the rugged and challenging terrain of eastern Kentucky, West Virginia, and southwestern Virginia. Bizzack Construction has a proven track record of successfully completing difficult CONTRACTOR MEMBER SPOTLIGHTS and challenging projects, both bid/build and design/build, ranging in value up to $192 million. Since 2008, Bizzack Construction has been heavily involved in the Coalfields Expressway projects in southwest Virginia. These projects are unique public-private partnerships where VDOT and Bizzack Construction partnered to reduce construction costs through the utilization of “coal synergy,” recognizing cost savings through revenues generated by recovery of marketable coal reserves mined during excavation efforts. These projects will provide major highway access to isolated portions of southwest Virginia, greatly enhancing the ability to attract new businesses to the area to improve economic growth and create much needed jobs. In 2020, Bizzack Construction added asphalt and aggregate operations in Virginia to lend support to these ongoing regional construction efforts. Over the past two years, Bizzack Construction has expanded these operations to include multiple VDOT paving schedules, locality resurfacing, and commercial paving projects. Bizzack Construction looks forward to future growth in all these areas and is excited to play a role in expanding the opportunities available for the people of southwest Virginia. (859) 299-8001 With humble beginnings in 1975, J.C. Joyce and his wife, Dana, established J.C. Joyce Trucking & Paving Co., Inc. After nearly 50 years, the company is still family owned and operated by J.C. and Dana. The early days of the company were hard fought with few employees, limited equipment, long work days and catching up the paperwork and books at night. Through project opportunities and relationships forged with local contractors and businesses, the company grew into a position to take advantage of more and bigger opportunities. In the following 47 years of business, the company’s portfolio expanded with a diverse range of clients and services offered. The company adopted a “driveways to highways” mentality in the mid-1980s, and that helped to propel the company to its current success. The company’s first asphalt plant was erected and opened in 1999 in Martinsville, Virginia, and a second asphalt plant facility is currently under construction in Rocky Mount, Virginia, with a planned opening in 2022. The second generation of Joyces, Scott Joyce and Amy Cutchins, are pairing new ideas with what has been successful all along to formulate a strong business plan for continued success in the future. Strong, loyal and hard-working employees have been key in building the company through the years. The company continues to accelerate in the scope and scale of projects performed with a focused emphasis on VDOT, government and commercial work. The family is proud to support VAA and is appreciative of the difference they strive to make in the asphalt industry.