VFA Virginia Forests Winter 2023

14 VIRGINIA FORESTS students with professionals in the natural resource industry, we continue to be purposeful in employing best practices in all of our efforts to connect students to meaningful careers. Our efforts represent a collaboration between students, employers, faculty, and staff throughout CNRE. If you have not engaged with us yet, please reach out to me anytime at freeborn@vt.edu to connect with our college and our students. John Freeborn is Director of Employer Relations at Virginia Tech where he works to link the forestry and forest products sector with Virginia Tech, community colleges, and high school students, fostering awareness of employment needs and opportunities in the sector. He graduated from Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with a bachelor’s (’98) and master’s (’00) in crop and soil environmental science. John can be contacted at 540-231-1138 or freeborn@vt.edu. In 2022, Alumni from Virginia Tech and the College of Natural Resources and Environment gathered to connect with students and talk about careers in forestry and natural resources.