VFA Virginia Forests Winter 2023

24 VIRGINIA FORESTS Tech—avid outdoor enthusiasts who have a resource they are not sure how to sustainably manage and do not know how to pass it on to their children or grandchildren. VTFF is an important resource that makes it easier for landowners to build important relationships in the forestry community. Beyond being the source of the Tree Farm sign, VTFF serves as a springboard for an education in forestry while enabling landowners to create a legacy of sustainable forest management. My family hosted a Tree Farmer lunch and tour this past October. In addition to interested landowners attending, there were government officials, sawmill owners, bankers, and loggers. Each of these participants embody a wealth of information about owning and managing forested land. This lunch and tour created a unique opportunity to meet and get to know forestry professionals in an intimate setting. The Virginia Tree Farm Foundation hosts several of these events across the Commonwealth each year. I urge you to get involved beyond just getting a Tree Farm sign. Partnering with forestry professionals and finding mentors within the industry gives forest management planning the stamina to last generations. Go to www.VTFF.org to find out more about the Virginia Tree Farm Foundation and how you can get involved.