NMDA Journal Summer 2020

8 New Mexico Dental Journal, Summer 2020 In all honesty, I haven’t always been the most educated or active NMDA member. I ran my chaotic life and took for granted all that our dental organizations offered and provided me. But over the last few years, life has forced me to take a closer look at how I can work smarter, not harder. I’ve learned that as a group of dental professionals we are empow- ered exponentially, over surviving this journey alone. I’ve learned that “The Power of Three” collaboration brings our local society, state, and national influences into one strong voice. Being a member of the NMDA/ADA is our shortcut to tools, discounted services, national and state advocacy, CE on-demand, and volunteer/donation opportunities, to name a few. Maybe it’s also time for us all to not only take advantage of these benefits, but actively participate, interact, and offer assis- tance voluntarily. This is our profession and organization, let’s be seen and heard. I’ve learned that as much as I appreciate the advocacy of other’s leadership, shouldn’t we all also be a part of the voice? Thoughts to all of you as you return to your offices and navigate these unchartered waters. Here are a few of my favorite benefits of being an NMDA/ADA member that make the most sense at a time that nothing seems to make sense. REOPENING CHECKLIST The NMDA has one of the most comprehensive restart checklists in the country after our COVID-19 closures. This kit includes sample patient letters and scripts, screening tools, chairside recommenda- tions, and team safety guidelines. Everything we need to navigate re- opening our offices is included in this document with links to the CDC, OSHA, and the ADA. DISCOUNTED SERVICES A key component to membership is the ability to network with other dentists to cooperatively engage in business services that have been vetted by the NMDA/ADA. Endorsed companies provide optimal pric- ing for members in areas such as business/financial administration, computer/technical services, and discounted supplies. ADVOCACY One of themost important aspects during this COVID-19 pandemic has been the presence of the NMDA under the guidance of ADA leaders and scientists. Together, grassrootmovements helped expedite the phased re- openingof our dental offices with safety at the forefront. On a national level, hundreds of thousands of letterswere sent toour legislators in sup- port of financial relief for dentists and the cry for assistancewith antigen testingand PPE. Our collective voices are being heard! Efforts continue as supplies becomemore available, to ensure that dentists and their teams are working in the safest environments possible. How Does the NMDA Help You? By Kimberly Martin, DMD, NMDA President-Elect, 2020–21